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  • Cherry flavored Koolaid. Entertaining but the Agenda is so far to the left it is a little hard to watch witout getting really angry.

    On episode two... They defend an old Woman who comitted Armed Robbery. Their defense: She is old and poor and her Country has failed to take care of her. The repeal of Healthcare is highlighted, the fact that we are not completely a Welfare state is the main point, apparently she had tried to take care of herself, by begging from Neighbors and writing her Congressman and asking for a Bailout. When that didn't work she robbed a liquor store and was found not guilty. The other case on the docket for the Firm is a Chinese Employer who fired a worker for getting pregnant with her 2nd Child, violating the Employers (and Chinas) 1 Child rule. They defend Chinas Polulation Policies as the most forward thinking policy to save the Planet ever implemented. WOW!!! Why oh Why can't we just have a little entertainment without someone aways trying to force their political agenda down our throats.
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