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NBC (ended 2012)


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  • I was so excited...then dismayed at the leftist viewpoints so blatantly displayed.

    love the quirkiness and situations presented, along with the diversity of the personalities. Someone is writing good lines for Harry. She gets away with saying things that I know a real lawyer in a real court room would be held in contempt for saying! However, the outward disdain for conservatism is over the top. And the "in your face" liberal viewpoints are hard to take, even for this middle of the roader. Turned off the program after Harry started in on the gov't abandoning the elderly woman...but she did committ armed robbery...found not guilty? I could have lived with finding her guilty with a suspended sentence. But not guilty? Give me a break. Why not try to work thru some points with some realism involved and a possible solution that satisfies both sides? Or pose a question at the end to think about...