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  • I like "Harry's Law", too. "Harry's Law" deals with true facts of life. Truly, we all are affected by what goes on in Malcolm's neighborhood even if we don't live in them.

    I'm tired of the perfect, beautiful, young unrealistic shows where everyone lives in beautiful houses, drive expensive cars, go to work when they get there (and a kindly boss calls to remind him or her they're late) and, once at work, are only involved with each others personal lives (who is doing the work?), money is never mentioned (it's seemingly taken for granted) and personal hardship is easily solved.

    Harry becomes an advocate for Melcolm even though she reluctantly and skeptically started off that way. Her reputation grew rapidly because people in Malcolm's neighborhood need someone that cares enough to give them their time and is able to give them relevant assistance. Kathy Bates is bringing up realistic issues and, as we're learning we can't do anything we want with the earth and survive, we need to learn that we can't do anything we want with other humans ... or ignore them ... and survive well.

    "Harry's Law" is more like the "first time" TV shows when TV first started in the 1950's and 1960's. "Dragnet" dealt with real life issues. Too many TV shows are exaggerating real life issues ... if they truly are REAL LIFE issues ... to the point that no one can relate to them.

    Now, all we need is a really good variety show like Dean Martin's show ... and live. Seeing people be good at their entertainment skills, do flubs and laugh at themselves is refreshing! THIS is what endears the general audience to the entertainers ... not the image that portrays them as something other than real humans.

    Yet, those entertainers in "the day" never looked slovenly in public. We learned to dress ourselves as ladies and gentlemen and honestly feel that way about ourselves. We wore nice sport clothes, looking like ladies and gentlemen even in our relaxed environments.

    Kathy Bates dresses well as "Harry". There was an "old" song that said we need to accentuate the positive. Who can survive in this overly critical and nit-picky world? We need to see the good things about ourselves and others. "Harry's Law" may be a start to getting REAL television shows, with REAL people, who are doing REAL things ... what the vast majority of people do and can relate to.

    THIS show is not over exaggerated and it brings the personalities, attitudes and desires that most people want in what many of us don't think exists in the "bad neighborhoods".

    Kathy Bates and her co-stars are excellent in "Harry's Law".