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  • "Harry's Law" is BACK!


    I am excited to see that "Harry's Law" is back. I wonder if David E. Kelley has hired on some new writers because the pacing is different and for the better in my opinion. Loving the additions ofKaren OlivoandMark Valley, too. Although, I too, loved the way Harry's Law began, I am enjoying the transition. Harry is stepping up, and I feel as if there's a little more magic in the air. Looking back on it, I do think the show can survive without Malcolm and Jenna, and the additions of Cassie and Oliver will not replace them, but will take the show in a refreshing direction. This is not to say that Jenna and Malcolm were boring or dull, but I do think the writers got together to see what they could do to make the show more interesting. And that it has accomplished. Loved the cliffhanger ending and the previews for the season have me wanting more and more. Can't wait!