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  • Disappointing developements.


    When Harry's Law debuted last spring, I was thrilled to see something with a new twist on the legal practice, and thrilled to see Kathy Bates in the starring role.
    I loved the first season, which showed the cultural diversity of our times condensed intoa dewdrop-sized neighborhood, viewed under a microscope.
    This season, the rallying cry is "OUT OF THE GHETTO!!" "Get rid of the struggling law firm, that gets its payment through sockfuls of cash, or protection from neighborhood crime!!"
    Ms. Bates' wonderfully cranky character was expelled by her former elite lawfirm, and is now tucked intoANOTER elite lawfirm's suite? What's with that?
    Harry's Law has gone from wonderful, energetic and diverse, to just another lawyer show, white as the driven snow, and disappointing to watch. I tried it this week, "The Queen of Snark", and it didn't do anything for me.
    Sorry, Harry. You deserve better.