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  • A look at our legal system that except for "The Good Wife" is unique in today's market.

    At the current time (it seems) only Harry's Law and The Good Wife seems to deal with all aspects of our legal system. So many series limits itself to dealing with criminal law, which disappoints me as most law work in this country is non-criminal.

    Honestly Harry's Law is in many ways not as good as "The Good Wife," but at the same time it is better. I find it easier to sit through an episode of Harry's Law than The Good Wife 2 out of 3 times (or so). Yet, Harry's Law seems in some ways a fluffy series, while The Good Wife has a serious drama feel to it. I'd appreciate seeing Harry's Law grow up, gain some more drama, and also expand its view of issues by looking at different aspects of a specific issue, follow it through the appeals process, and yes maybe even how lawyers can help write laws ....

    Who knows maybe if the series looked a lawmaking, there could be a spin off looking at a state legislature, getting elected, making laws, interaction with the executive branch, etc.

    While I'm giving Harry's Law a 10 (Perfect) honestly, it is below 10 and above 9.5. Since we lost the ability to give a more exact rating, I believe in rounding up instead of down. Hence 9.51 to 9.99 rounds up to 10.
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