Harry's Law

Season 2 Episode 2

There Will Be Blood

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2011 on NBC

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  • 2007Ballroom Commentary on "There Will Be Blood"



    Here is a commentary/recap on the episode of Harry's Law "There Will Be Blood". I am really enjoying this show more and more. This case is getting better and I am a sucker for continuing storylines. Not all cases end in one hour and the writing for this is top notch. Plus, I am loving the dynamic as a team from the actors and characters.

  • I had such high hopes for this season but....Where's Malcolm?


    I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of this show, looked forward to the second and although not enthused with the first ep I still wanted to like this ep.

    All the heart and originality of the first season seems to have gone. There are some good moments between Harry and Tommy and I am a fan of Kathy Bates so I really want to like this series as much as the first. I thought the original series was different than any other law/legal show and I liked Harrys attitude and lets face it balls. I don't want to see another series about rich people and their we get our way lives.

    I am not a fan of multi story arcs unless they involve the main characters. The continuing murder/mystery of this one althoughinteresting (I am curious who did it) I hope it gets closure in ep 3.

    Where's Malcom? Did I miss something? What happened between himand Jenna? Not the same show!

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    Well, at least the previews for next week looked good. There is that.

    But after a strong season premiere the second episode of the show really did nothing to try and convince people this should not be cancelled.

    They did not even give us another case like they did last week, just the one carrying over multi-episode arc.

    This show is really sold on the main character. If you like Harry like I do then you want to see the show succeed despite dull outings like this. If you hate her, chances are you consider the show awful.

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