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Our Beautiful Tibetian Spaniel

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    We have recently adopted a 7 year old Tibbie. (We recently lost our much loved 12 yo Tibbie.) Our new little girl is a pure bred champion bitch. She was rescued from a puppy farm where she had been de-barked and obviosly treated poorly. The breeder that we got her from had recently been through enough trauma himself and found that he couldn't keep all the dogs that had not been destroyed. (Fire)

    This little girl is so timid, bordering on terror of humans. My wife is being accepted to a certain degree but even though I feed her and offer treats when I can, I cannot get anywhere near her without her going into a panic, to the stage of urinating. Even with all the problems we've grown to really love this little girl.

    Dr Harry, is there an easier way to gain her trust. We have had her for 4to5 weeks now without a great deal of success.

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