Harsh Realm

Season 1 Episode 3

Inga Fossa

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1999 on FOX

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  • Another fantastic episode.

    As of the time I write this review I've only seen a handful of episodes of "Harsh Realm", and I wonder if the show will have a below average episode. Each one has maintained a level of superior quality that makes me question what in the hell FOX was thinking when they decided to pull this show without giving it any help whatsoever.

    This episode has Sophie, Hobbes's fiance, following Inga Fossa to a building. Inga goes in and in taken to Harsh Realm, where she meets with Santiago. It is obvious that Inga Fossa is double-crossing Santiago, who knows that he is being betrayed, but not by whom.

    Trying to find Santiago's portal back into the real world, Hobbes and his partners sneak into Santiago City - a utopia that is the only "good" place to be in Harsh Realm.

    Hobbes eventually makes it to the portal but Inga Fossa gives him the letter that his fiance wrote to him, and Fossa tells him that if he doesn't stay and kill Santiago, eventually the real world will be just as bad as Harsh Realm. Hobbes relunctantly decides to stay.

    Meanwhile, Fossa returns to our world. She finds Sophie asleep outside, freezing cold. She tells Sophie that she was unable to give Hobbes the message but that she will keep trying. Sophie begins to cry and Inga hugs her.

    This episode was pretty intense and interesting. The show raises a lot of questions and manages to be intriguing and addicting with it's conspiracy subplots and excellent characters.