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  • This seems to be a returning problem

    The show was a pretty good show. I would actually give the show itslelf about an 8.5 the problem however lies with us the viewer and the fan getting treated like second class citizens here. How many times do we have to watch good shows just long enough to get interested in them just to have them cancelled under our feet. It pisses me off that hollywood thinks so little of what its fans want that they cant at least finish the show for us. Its just happening more and more because of hollywoods greed or unconcearn and it needs to end. I want closure from now on.
  • Nice sci-fi.

    Virtual reality, a video game in which everything and everyone seems real. The bullets, fire, even people you'd know might turn up in it and try to shut you down. That's the problem Lt. Tom Hobbes (Scott Bairstow, "Wild America", "Lonesome Dove: the Outlaw Years") has to put up with in Chris Carter's new FOX show "Harsh Realm", about a soldier whose forced to play in a dangerous VR game that acquires the title of the show!

    Before watching this show, I never really was a fan of Chris Carter's shows or of Scott Bairstow. I don't like "The X-files" that much, and I thought Bairstow played weak roles prior to joining the ansemble cast of "Harsh Realm". This is a really cool show, with cool graphics, great performances (especially of Bairstow's, who really shines in this) and a nicely-woven plot. This is a great way to spend Friday nights, proving that virtual reality doesn't bite!!
  • The ultimate mind game...

    Harsh Realm told the story of the ultimate mind game, a man stuck inside a virtual reality simulation the only problem being that their is no escape from the game without completing it which is near impossible, and one other thing if you die in the game you die in real life. This show had potential which was never shown. It was created by Chris Carter (creator of the X Files). so you know you are in for some good stories. Overall i really liked this show the acting was good and the stories were original so i do not understand why it was cancelled so suddonly. Well anyeay i enjoyed it and i advise getting the DVD box set which has all of the unaired episodes.
  • The excellent design of the show was matched by some equally good performances. The scripts were literate and fun. It was a dimensional portal world science fiction show that had the distinct disadvantage of coming out just after The Matrix. A great show

    With his work on the 1999 series Harsh Realm, Carter moved into The Matrix territory, which unfortunately for him came a shade too early to effectively attach itself to the success of the whole alternate "mind world" scenario. Much like “The X Files”, “Harsh Realm” includes all the obligatory Carter-traits: government conspiracies, technical jargon, hidden worlds, and shadowy leaders. It is the story of Lieutenant Thomas Hobbes (Scott Bairstow), a soldier who gets drawn into a top-secret military project known as Harsh Realm, which it turns out is a virtual reality game designed to, at least initially, serve as a training ground for soldiers. Hobbes is sent in to take down the villainous General Omar Santiago (Terry O'Quinn from Millennium), who wants to not only become a dictator of Harsh Realm, but who has grandiose designs to destroy the real world in the process. Teamed up with the disgruntled Mike Pinocchio (D.B. Sweeney), as well as a mute healer named Florence (Rachel Hayward), Hobbes and crew have to take on Santiago's henchmen, which also include a sexy Mata Hari with the ridiculously cool name of Inga Fossa (Sarah-Jane Redmond).

    This is one of those shows where the level of acting at least seems better than the usual weekly television fare, though maybe that's a result of the strange sci-fi storyline. Carter uses Terry O'Quinn, who was excellent as the duplicitous Peter Watts on Millennium as the evil dicyotor Santiago. Though far from being the star here, he does the more outright villain role extremely well.

    By being in set in a virtual world the show had the benefit of being able to contort and mutate a given episode's setting at will so that there really could not be any anchored reality. It is a high-tech premise, one that was more of a tough sell for typical television audiences to readily grasp, and the Fox network summarily axed the series after just three episodes. We've all seen this knee-jerk cancellation before, and to Carter's credit, a heady show like Harsh Realm needed time to effectively develop the Byzantine storyline and characters. But in the infinite wisdom of television executives, it was deemed a bust, though the FX network did eventually air the remaining episodes. This is inventive television that was given the bully's treatment by impetuous network executives.
  • Hobbes is trapped in a computer simulation and trying to find his way home.

    This show is excellent. I think that this show needs to be totally brought back. It was never given a chance. I think this is a classic show that shall go in the vault of shows that were never given a chance. Get the DVD's and see for yourself everybody!!!
  • An outstanding show that wasn't promoted properly or given the chance to build a viewer base. Simulated virtual reality game, the mission is to win the game. To win the game and be able to leave Harsh Realms, Hobbs must eliminate another player (Santiago)

    Outstanding show and series! I just sat down and watch the entire DVD collection of all episodes that were made, and watching it all over again with my son now (and he is wanting to watch the entire season in one sitting). It makes me have to wonder, why didn't the network give this series a chance, show it at a different time or promote it better? If the network would of allowed it to develope a fan base, I am sure the it would of been enough to justify showing the episodes made and to order more episodes or seasons. Why did they pull it after only 3 episodes?
    I have never written before about a show, and even now will see if I can find where you can sign up to bring this show back.
  • The Ultimate Mind Game! The ultimate Sci-Fi! A virtual world, exactly like ours. You live in it, your friends and family, but here you're in great danger! A U.S. Military soldier Tom Hobbes is sent into the game of Harsh Realm to save

    Wow, what a masterpiece!
    I just bought a DVD set and literally flew through all the episodes.
    It's one of those heavily underappreciated shows, that were unfairly cancelled by the Network TV that didn't promote the show enough!
    It's a very original idea, a world existing on its own, exactly the same as the real one, completely programmed by man, yet there are living people and higher powers in that software.
    The series is very mentally powerful, possibly that's why it had so little audiences, since people nowadays only watch light, funny material.
    Now, this series made you think, think about your own existence, about the thin line between life and death. The series dealt with the most important virtues in today's world: Sacrifice, Hope, Humility, Honor and Faith!
    It's another Cris Carter's masterpiece and I really don't understand why there aren't more shows like this one.
    The series also features great special effects and great casting!
    Bring it back!
  • I want more!

    This series caught my attention from episode 1, even though I tuned in unintentionally the first time.

    Tom Hobbs is sent into a virtual world, where is you die there, you die in real life. Back in the real world his fiancee is waiting for him and trying to find out the truth.

    I just loved the series, but for different reasons.

    First reason - it had a great cast of characters. My favourite was Mike, because he was interesting and you only found out a bit about his past at a time - plus Mike got the best lines. I also like Florence, being a healer but at the same time a mute and a virtual character - It was great that they included some history on her.

    Second reason - the great story line. It didn't get stuck in boring 'been there done that' stories. It was fresh, new and always something or somewhere different to explore. I liked the fast paced drama free of all the (at time) un-necessary trimmings.

    A series axed too quickly - but worth watching.
  • Tom Hobbes is tricked into entering a virtual world where copies of every person on earth are fighting for survival. In order to escape Hobbes must defeat Santiago, a retired soldier who has turned the virtual world into his own personal playground.

    Unfortunately this program only lasted 9 episodes. It came out right on the heels of The Matrix (although this was created first) and the network (NBC) gave up on it without really giving it a chance. I think the writing is clever and it would have been different enough to last if the network had given it more time.
    I think the best character is Dexter, Hobbes' dog who makes himself known in every episode providing a small gleam of happiness in this depressing world. I wish I could find out where exactly the program was going. Hobbes is described as being "the one" which isn't explored much after the first episode. There are many questions about Harsh realm that will forever go unanswered.