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Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage "Gossip Girl & The O.C" team up again with Rachel Bilson in Hart of Dixie in this new show for The CW. The show follows Dr. Zoe Hart a young doctor from New York City who moves to a small Southern town after inheriting a medical practice and soon meets an electric and eccentric group of characters.


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  • Wilson Bethel

    Wilson Bethel

    Wade Kinsella

    Rachel Bilson

    Rachel Bilson

    Dr. Zoe Hart

    Scott Porter

    Scott Porter

    George Tucker

    Tim Matheson

    Tim Matheson

    Dr. Brick Breeland (Episode 15+)

    Kaitlyn Black

    Kaitlyn Black

    Annabeth Nass (Season 2+, recurring previously)

    Jaime King

    Jaime King

    Lemon Breeland

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    • A rare delighting show

      It never fails to make me feel cheerful. The show is very sweet, happy, light heart and funny. Love it !
    • Pure Fantasy

      I like the show but it goes over the line of plausible reality, Zoe and George make the better more realistic match, Dr & Lawyer - yes, Heart Surgeon - Busboy (Bartender) not so much. Said busboy gets the bar as a gift - like that would happen? Wade was cast as your stereotypical redneck, no way he has the business acumen to run the bar. Finally in all absurdities Wade gets to franchise the restaurant for what would be millions of dollars and refuses because he loves Zoe??? Never happen in the world we live in, like I said pure fantasy.

      But lets not let our writers stop us from enjoying the show, our co-star Lemon Breeland is the perfect antagonist for Dr. Hart, her hijinks remind me of the stunts Lucille Ball used to pull in her show. She is always trying to get her way at Zoe's expense, and after George Left her at the Alter for Zoe, do you really think Dr Breeland would have anything to do with Zoe in his practice - NO once again our writers are driving the trolley to the land of make believe.

      George starts the series off a the most eligible bachelor in town, and ends the series as comic relief where as Wade starts off as your stereotypical Redneck and winds up responsible father married to Zoe. All of this in a three and a half year period once again pure writer fantasy.

      Finally all the relationships are a little over the top, just counting main characters we start with George and Lemon then George and Zoe, George and Tansy and George and AB. One would think George would have learned a lesson leaving for NY and having Lemon cheat on him but no he leaves for Nashville leaving AB behind to her dismay. Then you have Levon and Lemon and Levon and AB, Zoe with George Joel and Wade. well all this relationship swapping over the course of 3 years is a little unbelievable also.

      So to summerize the show I would say the setting and the premise were interesting and the show while unbelievable at times, doesn't matter if the plotlines of the show are pure fantasy as quirky nature of both Zoe and Lemon carry the series, and Wade is the character everyone is cheering for, so the up and downs in his relationship with Zoe, seem to leave viewers wanting more.moreless
    • Has Heart

      This was a wonderful show when it was on. I'm surprised that I forgot to review it before. Now when I first got into it, I was thinking that it would be more of a medical drama than it was. I mean, it is about a doctor after all. But even though it was something other than what I wanted, it was still a pretty good show. Sure Zoe can be a strange type of person and there probably aren't real people with her type of eccentric personality. I do love the writing of this show, especially towards the end. They knew that the show was getting canceled and they went to great lengths to ensure fans that we got a great ending that we deserved. I don't know if others will consider the end to be one of the greatest finales, but I will. It actually kinda made me glad that the show was cancelled and given such a great farewell. The song that they used to wrap up the show was perfect. Long live the heart.moreless
    • So sad that this amazing show has ended

      I'm so sad that this show has ended. It's my favorite show. I could watch it 24/7 if I could. I really wish the show was continuing production!
    • insulting

      this television series is incredibly insulting to southerners and especially Alabamians. it is unrealistic and completely stereotypical and that kind of southern accent hasn't been heard since the civil war. Alabama residents are portrayed as low class country bumpkins who aren't up to date with current lifestyles and technology. I suggest the writers, directors, and actors actually visit the south before creating shows that take place in the south and thus, avoiding insulting all who live here.moreless

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