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Wow you guys, wow. Look what Hart of Dixie can do when they put their mind to it! What an excellent episode! They mixed up the format and gave Joel a nice send off all while wonderfully progressing all the major plot lines of the season. I feel like this kind of makes up for the past 'x' many filler episodes we’ve had to endure. Especially those ones where Lemon (Jamie King) was absent due to her pregnancy.

Let’s be honest, a lot of this season has been bogged down in ridiculous episodes with small amounts of comedy and not a whole lot of emotional weight. There have been some nice moments here and there - Lavon and Anna-Beth’s relationship comes to mind, their's is a relationship that has been developed in the most natural way. Also, I think a lot of fans (myself, anyway) have been wondering where this whole Joel plot line was going, as it has been one of the more boring plots the season, despite being one of the ones featured heavily.

The time jumps throughout the episode were used very effectively, and they made the most out of all the characters and their various plot lines, even weaving them together nicely. It was a recurring theme that Wade and Vivian would pop up in many scenes to add to whoever’s story we were checking in with at the time, and their additions made sure we got the story moving, as well as solidifying their relationship even more, which also highlighted Wade’s transformation from dumped dupe by Zoe to restaurant owner with a steady girlfriend that is much more solid. I mean it sucks for Zade fans, but it stays true to his character.

Poor Lavon. He just wasn’t having any luck. He is still figuring out how he feels about AB and probably what he has lost in not committing to a life with her. It is good that he is slowly learning from his mistakes and hopefully will com to realise that maybe the risk of heartbreak is no where near as great as the happiness he will get from a life with Anna-Beth.

Zoe. The poor chick. She lost Joel in an episode, but the way she lost him was done in a wonderfully heartbreaking way. And let’s be honest, it had to happen. Things were just going too well for Zoe in a show about love and drama, and their happy relationship kind of took away what was great from the first couple of seasons. I admit that characters have to happy some of the time, and I appreciate they can show that and still create a bit of drama without them having to break up every second episode, however it doesn’t always make for the best viewing. Zoe’s acceptance back into Bluebell this season is in part due to Joel, so it will be interesting to see whether the end of this relationship means she’ll hide (or runaway, as she did and the end of last season because of Wade), or whether she will start anew and really embrace her small town roots. I’m thinking the latter, and am glad Zoe will be moving on without Joel.

The Breelands had a bit of fun this week, with Brick trying his darndest to get a Man of the Year award (do they have a Belle version for Woman of the Year, I wonder?), and Lemon and George trying to buy Fancies, which they did, then they lost it again, then they got it back. Which, overall was ridiculous, but I think it still works because of the layout of the episode and that it meant Lemorge (Gemon?) did drunk shirtless hugging. Which in itself is hilarious. [Also hilarious: using a buffer for most of the episode to talk to each other].

I’m not saying this was one of the best episodes of all TV shows of all time, however it does show that when different types of storytelling is used, it can prove to be very effective, especially in a show that doesn’t take many risks.

- Producer: “You have a great look, have you ever considered taking up acting?” Zoe: “Oh no thanks, I think the idea that anyone would think that i could be anything other than a doctor is ridiculous.”
Good job show, good job. (Side note: take that, haters!)
- Zoe: should she stay single and live it up for a while, or get a new squeeze?
- Joel: Will he be back?
- Am I over-thinking this show too much?
- Lemon and George: Hell Yeah, or Oh No?
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