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Friday 9:00 PM on The CW
Bravo to the casual and mostly natural progression of characters! For our lead characters, this was a wonderful episode. We saw a great continuation with the friendship between Wade and Lemon, and I applaud the show's decision to keep these two as just friends, as too many times I have seen similar shows pair up every single character together in one big incestuous mess. Lemon and Wade show great camaraderie and keep each other from going crazy or falling apart unlike the way they would be with each's respective partners that the show seems hell bent on throwing together. I'm not saying I don't want to see George and Lemon back together, but the way they have been writing George just makes me think Lemon could do so much better. One thing I am glad about is that they had the opportunity to put Zoe and George back together, but they didn't take it. I am so, SO glad they didn't do that, and it is a testament to the writers that they are showing restraint and not just flinging characters into every other character’s arms for pure shock factor.

I like the progression that Zoe has taken ever since her break up with Joel. Realistically, it would be huge to go from contemplating a whole life with someone to not having anyone in your life at all and wondering what you are going to do with yourself. Both breakups between (probably end-game) Zoe and Wade have been handled pretty well. Do I think the writers believe that Wade will get over his break up with Vivian faster than Zoe with Joel? Yes. Mostly because of plot reasons, but also because he hasn’t been with Vivian for as long, and their relationship wasn’t in the ‘buying a house’ stage as Zoe and Joel’s was.

It feels like they are setting up for a bit of a cliffhanger in the season finale between Zoe and Wade, and possibly even George and Lemon. (Note I have not seen any spoilers or promos for future eps). While I appreciate the need for finale stakes, and that its possible Hart of Dixie won’t be back, I’d still rather both couples wait until next season to get together. Maybe (and I’m just brainstorming here), go for another type of soap trope and make a huge medical emergency the cliffhanger instead? (This is a show about a doctor, after all). Perhaps with Lavon or Brick? It would definitely shake up those other characters plot lines and make me care about them a bit more.

On the topic of other characters, it was good to see more of Wanda and Tom Long (I have to say his full name, its just too good). While they are more often than not delegated to being the token background characters who make up the town, its nice to see them get their own arc. They are really loveable and funny and quirky and have great scenes together. Brick’s old flame Shelby came through town with her new baby which was nice, and it was a good way to add plot points to both Brick and the Longs’ stories at the same time.

Levon and Annabeth’s drama is a bit of a sore point for me, as I think they were lovely together, and it really hit home the uneasiness between the characters when AB’s parents came to town. I’d like for Levon and Annabeth to get back together, however that would probably be a season away and I’d like to see some stories for Lavon that don’t revolve around ladies he is dating.

- Favourite besties: Wade & Lemon, Zoe & George, or Lavon & Mr and Mrs Thibodaux (Annabeth’s parents)?
- Have you ever picked up a restauranteur to take back to your town only to have him steal your car?
- “Daddy, enjoy your meal, and only your meal”
- Lemon saying nice things about Zoe…well I never! Another great character progression after their episode together trying to help each other out with men problems.
- Tom Long Tom Long Tom Long

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