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Lemon used to annoy me a lot. I mean, so much that I would sigh at the storylines around her. But then something happened. She disappeared from the show. I then realised that maybe she wasn't so annoying after all. She needs to come back in my opinion. And what happened to that incredibly hot guy she met? The reporter/journalist or whatever he was, I can't remember. All I could focus on was that I wanted to see more of him.

What do you think about Lemon? Do you miss her now that she's away?
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Nov 05, 2014
i have no idea why but me and my sister both rooted and adored Lemon and just got really annoyed by Zoe's presence. For me zoe was jus like this whiny annoying immature child that isnt capable of doing nice things for others for no reward and a terrible friend to so many people. Lemons was an actual character that was just Boss like she got shit done and knew how to self sacrifice for the sake of others
Oct 27, 2014
She's definitely a better character now than she used to be. She was way too over the top in Season 1. (I get it, BlueBell is NOT like NYC at all... but she did grate on me at first.)
She's still 'high-strung', - as George Tucker would call her - but the writers have toned it down a little, and given her some real things to do recently, which I like to see. And I absolutely love her different dresses she wears!
Classic southern.
Feb 20, 2014
I think Lemon was a caricature during the first season, like a lot of characters and moments in the show in the early days, but she got better and yeah now I miss her but good news is since it was due to her maternity (it was hilarious how she was filmed in the first part of this season, always with some object on the way of her expanding belly...), she'll be back!!!
Also, her dresses are awesome! Zoe often looks too NYC for Bluebell but Lemon's style is just awwwwww
Feb 04, 2014
I truthfully hated Lemon when the series premiered. But somewhere in the middle of Season 2 (probably when she became better friends and co-owner of the Rammer Jammer with Wade) I realized that had changed. I actually love Lemon now, because they fleshed out her character as more than just a caricature of a southern belle. They gave her real feelings, real storylines, and made her a real person. The series definitely feels off without Lemon as Jaime King finishes up her maternity leave, and I can't wait for her to come back.
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