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Season 3 : Episode 18

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  • Season 3
    • A Better Man
      A Better Man
      Episode 19
      Lemon schemes to improve her health-inspection grade. Elsewhere, Zoe finds herself in an uncomfortable position in Wade and Vivian's relationship; Lavon and AnnaBeth's problems have a negative impact on BlueBell; and George dates a Bible-school teacher.
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 4/18/2014 AT 9PM ON The CW

      Back in the Saddle Again
      Zoe and Lemon turn to each other for girlfriend advice; Wade takes Vivian out; Lavon loses focus while bidding on bringing the County Fair to BlueBell when he learns that AnnaBeth is dating; Magnolia tries to get Brick to leave so she can throw a party.
    • 4/11/14
      Brick has a difficult patient who irks AnnaBeth, until she discovers the truth behind his ailments. Meanwhile, Zoe thinks that she and Lavon are cursed; Vivian's son turns to Wade for guidance; and George and Lemon struggle to steer clear of one another.
    • 4/4/14
      BlueBell gets a sister city in France. Meanwhile, Brick strives to win the town's Man of the Year title; Zoe and Joel become fed up with the remodeling problems they encounter; and Lemon recruits George to assist her with a business venture.
    • Ring of Fire
      Episode 15

      Zoe and Joel are sued by Tansy's brothers. They seek help from George and AB.
      Lemon's two suitors are supposed to duel for her hand at Lavon's Renaissance Fair.
      Wade and Vivian have difficulties with their three-months-anniversary-celebration.

    • 3/21/14

      Zoe looks forward to bonding with her mom when she becomes her mother's client. Elsewhere, Lemon returns to town, so Brick and Lavon throw her a party; and Magnolia gets some assistance from George.

    • Star of the Show
      Episode 10

      AnnaBeth, alongside Lemon, tries to persuade Lavon not to give into defeat with the merger. Brick recruits Zoe to assist with the local cabaret. Meanwhile, Wade wonders why his new love interest is acting distant and begins to worry. Lynly disapproves of George's bond with Tansy and confronts him about it.

    • 1/13/14

      When Lavon hears about a merger involving BlueBell and the neighboring town, he wants to stop it and brings George in on the action. Zoe insists on helping Lavon by distracting the town residents with a scandal. After seeing Vivian and Wade together, Zoe is unhappy when she learns Wade is interested in her cousin. Brick, on the other hand, gives romance another try.

    • Miracles
      Episode 8

      When Zoe treats her uncle at her office, she uses the opportunity to invite him to her Hanukkah celebration. However, this once again lands her in hot water with Vivian Wilkes. Lemon turns to George and Lynly to help her learn some crucial information about one of Brick’s exes before he makes a bad decision. Meanwhile, Wade suffers from a terrible toothache but refuses to go to the dentist, until Tansy gets involved and helps Wade to open his eyes to his future.

    • I Run To You
      Episode 7

      Zoe becomes concerned about how much time Joel and Wade spending hang out with each other, especially when Joel's writing begins to suffer. Ready to blame Wade for the situation, Zoe tries to get Joel writing again. Lavon uses the excuse of coaching his track team to avoid confronting AnnaBeth about their relationship. Meanwhile, Lemon tries to convince Brick to start dating again. George and Lynly discuss whether or not it's a good idea to tell Lavon about their feelings for each other.

    • Family Tradition
      Episode 6

      Zoe and Joel are ready to find a more permanent place to live in BlueBell and learn that their ideal home is owned by a relative of Zoe’s biological father. After tracking down the relative, Zoe is still undecided as to whether she is ready to meet her extended family. Thanks to the success that she and Wade have had running the Rammer Jammer, Lemon receives a tempting business offer that she may not be able to turn down. AnnaBeth seems eager for Lavon to go out of town, causing him to wonder what she is up to. Meanwhile, George and Lynly continue to grow closer, but George is still hesitant to act on his feelings.

    • 11/4/13

      Zoe is thrilled to see how well Joel is adjusting to BlueBell until she learns that the townspeople might have a different opinion of him. Hoping to make things better, Zoe signs herself and Joel up to chaperon the Go Girl Tween Adventure Camp. After Joel refuses to join her, Zoe is left to fix the the town’s perception on her own. George and Lynly suffer a rough start in a competition at the Rammer Jammer, but George is pleasantly surprised when he learns they work well together. Meanwhile, Lavon is desperate to make BlueBell part of the Gazebos of Alabama calendar, but a critical flower mistake jeopardizes his plan and leads him to ask Lemon for help.

    • 10/28/13

      Lemon finds herself blacklisted from the Junior League Halloween Masquerade party after her fallout with the Belles, so she calls her Grandma Bettie for help. Lemon ends up with a date with another one of Alabama’s most eligible bachelors. Lavon plans a big surprise for his anniversary with AnnaBeth, but AnnaBeth turns to Zoe for help when she faces a health scare. During the party, George has to do some damage control with the town judges and Wade continues to land himself in trouble with ineligible ladies.

    • 10/21/13

      Hoping to avoid a confrontation with Brick, Zoe starts discreetly seeing patients in BlueBell again. But her plan goes awry when George informs her that her contract with Brick includes a non-compete clause that prevents her from practicing medicine in BlueBell for a year. Lavon is excited about the opportunity to bring a minor league baseball team to BlueBell, but needs Brick’s help to convince the team's owner to choose BlueBell. Meanwhile, Lemon finds herself in hot water with the Belles after she tries to overthrow the current leader. George finds himself in need of medical attention after an accident during a tutoring session with Lynly, and he has to turn to Zoe for help.

    • 10/14/13

      Trying to be hospitable to Joel while he visits BlueBell, Lavon and AnnaBeth invite him and Zoe over for a quiet dinner. However, when Lemon meets Alabama’s most eligible bachelor, Carter Covington, she invites herself along with Carter to the soiree. After some unexpected guests arrive at the party, Lemon and Wade's scheme risks being exposed. Meanwhile, George makes a bad decision involving Lynly which threatens to ruin his friendship with Lavon.

    • 10/7/13

      After spending the summer in New York City, Zoe is ready to make the move permanent, but she first decides to return to BlueBell for one last thing. When she arrives in BlueBell, Zoe is disappointed to learn that aside from Lavon, no one is very happy to see her. Desperate for Brick to give her a good reference, Zoe agrees to help him track down George and convince him to resurrect the Founders Day parade that has been canceled. Zoe turns to Lemon to track down George but accidentally discovers Lemon is hiding a dirty little secret. Meanwhile, Lemon puts together a plan to help Wade save face in front of Zoe.

  • Season 2
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