Hart of Dixie

Season 1 Episode 3

Gumbo & Glory

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on The CW

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  • This episode really showcased the different aspects of all the characters.


    We see Brick in a new light, while he's still a complete tool he shows us a side of himself that knows how to change.

    Lemon's motives and felings about the mayor are explored more as well in this episode. While the whole story still hasn't bee revealed, more hints are dropped.

    Another side of Wade is shown through a caring an seemingly self-less justure of good will to Zoe. All together a great episode.

  • I'm really hoping this is a direction the show will take...


    The first episode was kinda surprisingly watchable, the second one was so-so imo, but this one is not bad, not bad at all. There are still some character acting in a way that I find kinda generic, even borderline annoying, but most of them were portrayed quite well, complex, but not too complex, and you can really relate to them, which is really a big deal, considering it's only a third episode. The plot is relatively light, but entertaining, and character-driven, and with a lot of charm, and it doesn't get boring at any point - this all strongly resembles a mix of Northern Exposure and Everwood, which I rather enjoyed.

    I hope this episode illustrates a direction the show will take, because there is definitely a place in my "viewing schedule" for a light family friendly comedy-drama with reasonably good acting, charming and mostly well developed characters, and light and a little bit silly plots . I just hope it won't get too "cheesy" and concentrate *too much* on love lives of its characters. It's still too early to tell, but I have moderately high expectation of the show. I just hope the following episodes will be on this one's level, and that show gets its stable viewing audience and stays on the air.