Hart of Dixie

Season 1 Episode 8

Homecoming and Coming Home

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on The CW

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  • Loved seeing a new side of Lemon!!


    The showKEEPSgetting better in every episode and the ratings prove that. I am really thrilled that Hart of Dixie is becoming successful because that means that there is a high chance that it will be back for another season. I would be crushed ifit ended just after one season because it has so much potential in my opinion.

    I love seeing the different side of Lemon in this episode. I actually felt that i might end up warming up to her. At the beginning, i really was curios to why George would marry Lemon because she is so uptight and organized, and even trying to be perfect, but now we know that Lemon was basically a totally different person. I really liked Lemon in this episode. Seeing her easy going and reckless was kinda fun. I never would have pictured her to be that way.

    Even Zoe. When gigi came to town, it was coool to see the changes Zoe has made in the time that she has been in Bluebell because Zoe was basically EXACTLY like gigi when she first came to Bluebell. I really like that Zoe has warmed up to Alabama.

    AS FOR THE LOVE: We have Wade and Zoe. Gotta love them. Cant wait until they are together because they are soo opposite, but are perfect when they are together. :) I officially admit that i am a Wade/Zoe shipper. Ah, and then we have Lemon and Lavon: I seriously have no idea what is going on in Lemon's head. I think she loves both George and Lavon, but doesn't want to hurt George so she is just ignoring her feelings. I am really interested in how this whole storyline turns out.

    This was a great episode in all. The show is just turning out to be AMAZING!!!! Go hart of dixie:)

  • This show just gets better and better and this might seriously be my favourite episode yet! At this point there is just something about every single character that you feel for and like (yes even Lemon). The friendship has been spectacular in this episode


    The best part has to be the glimpse and friendship between Wade, George and Lemon. (Surely at this point I'm not the only one that wants to find HoD High School fics, if such a thing exists)

    It's a nice throwback to what was and how Lemon may have been just more fun and less uptight and how she could've had some fling with Le Von Hayes. The strategy meetin's and planning absolutely cracked me up and George was awesome in this so serious but seriously fun and the final shoot when the prank feel through and out came something so blue? Best scene ever. Also love the ninja getup that they all get dressed in.

    It was also a fun to see Zoe's friend Gigi and what was. It's a strange kind of envy and pity to have a friend like that who will drop everything to help you come plan a party but spectacularly stuff it up and sleep with your beau instead but I'm sure her heart was in the right place.

    The Lemon/Levon story deepens a bit and I'm seriously interested in how that's all going to resolve. I'm hoping they stick it to being a triangle because just that I think is complicated and interesting enough without throwing Zoe into the mix. Plus her and Wade just belong together and I'm just waiting for them 'redneck babies'.

    Just an overall awesome feel good laugh out loud episode and sometimes that is exactly what you need.