Hart of Dixie

Season 1 Episode 12

Mistresses & Misunderstandings

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2012 on The CW



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    • Wade: You, uh, avoiding anyone in particular?
      Zoe: People who are nice to me. Because then I feel obligated to be nice back...which makes you the perfect person to be around.
      Wade: I will take that as compliment.
      Zoe: Go suck a rock.
      Wade: That's my girl. Feel better?
      Zoe: A little bit, yeah.

    • Lavon: (to Wade) Zoe may not be with Judson today, but there are a lot of other Judsons out there. Serious men with adult responsibilities who have the sense to tell the girl how they feel. But right now there is no one else. The only thing keeping you from being with Zoe Hart is you.

    • Lavon: Zoe is not with Judson.
      Wade: Yes, she is.
      Lavon: No, she's not.
      Wade: Yes, she is!
      Lavon: I'm gonna smack you.

    • Judson: This is gonna sound so cheesy...you just get prettier every time I see you.
      Zoe: You're right, it sounds cheesy.

    • Wade: (guessing who Zoe's having an affair with) Well then, then someone from out of town, someone we don't know. A New Yorker, maybe. I hear J.T.'s single now.
      Lavon: I don't think it's Justin Timberlake, Wade.

    • Lavon: As her landlord, friend, and general confidante, I'm pretty sure I would know if she had a buddy in the boudoir.
      Wade: Unless it was a secret buddy. Or, or if it was like a death row inmate who escaped and she was hiding him on account of her secret, hidden liberal agenda. (Lavon gives Wade a derisive look) It's not one of my more popular theories but I kinda like it.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Monday, July 16, 2012 on Really

    • Featured Music:
      "Baggage Claim" by Miranda Lambert
      "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips
      "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland
      "Wanna Take You Home" by Gloriana

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