Hart of Dixie

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Zoe Hart remembers her college graduation. She once had it all, but then things started going down hill. Her boyfriend dumped her and she didn't get the medical fellowship in New York that she wanted. She does get a job offer from her doctor and we flash back to the present while she arrives in Arkansas. She is shocked to find out that Harley Whikes passed away several years ago. He had left Zoe his practice, but had his receptionist Mrs. Hattenbarger continue sending her post cardscards from him, knowing she would eventually show up.

It turns out that Zoe only owns half the practice, the other half belonging to Dr. Brick Breeland. Zoe meets his daughter, Lemon, who she doesn't get along with. Zoe's first patient is getting an eye exam for the DMV. He passes the test to Zoe signs off on the paper. It turns out that he had memorized the eye chart and he is actually legally blind. Zoe gets a call later in the day saying this patient got into an accident. It turns out that the patient is an attourney she had previously met, George Tucker.

Zoe meets Lavon Hayes, an NFL linebacker. They get along very well and he shows her around. Dr. Breeland returns from his hunting trip and is unhappy to be sharing his practice with some out of town girl. Zoe is unhappy and goes to the store to get booze. She meets Mabel, who tells her about her pregnancy and illness. Zoe heads home, makes out with her neighbor on her way, and finds her mother waiting for her.

Zoe's mother talks her into coming back home with her. Zoe meets with George to sign her half of the practice over to Brick. Zoe gets a call from Mabel saying she's in intense pain. Mabel's working at Breeland's party. Zoe makes her way into the party with the help of Mayor Hayes. Zoe finds Mabel and breaks the news to her that she is having the baby right there, right now.

Brick demands to deliver the baby but Mabel insists for Zoe to do it. Zoe, with help from the Breeland's, deliver Mabel's baby successfully. Heading back to the practice, Mrs. Hattenbarger tells Zoe the truth of why Harley left the practice to her - it is because he is her biological father. Zoe decides to stay in Arkansas and with the practice.