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  • cliche, but I love it

    Some of the plots and lines are a bit typical at times, but they really do crack me up at times, party because of the characters and the settings of the show, Zoe is just so charming, and I really can't help but fall in love with her, along with all the other characters! Love it!
  • Love for Zoe

    Can Zoe and George start a live together? Let her have someone special please.
  • No more George!

    Enough with George and boring trying to push them am Zoey-Wade all the this thing with George continues in the 3rd season ,I'll shoot myself.

    I really like the show, but I must agree with seychelles' comment. I don't get the relationship between Zoe and George Tucker. Her and Wade really do make the show. I too, would me less interested if it were not for their relationship. George Tucker is BORING!!
  • Zoe and Wade all the way!!!!!!!!!1

    If it was not for Zoe and Wade relationship i don't think the show would of been interesting,George is so not for Zoe,why keep pushing them together?
  • Heart of Dixie Review

    I have watched this show for the full 2 seasons now and to be honest its my first Drama/Comedy show. With that I have to say its pretty good actually.


    The first thing you notice about this show is the polish. It's so polished in fact, it doesn't look or feel like real life. Many of the characters are cliches of small towns and southern living in general. In addition, almost every episode centers around some sort of small town event.

    To me, however, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I don't watch this show because it seems like real life, rather, I view it as a portrayal of an ideal more than what life would actually be like in small town Alabama. This only adds to the show's charm in my opinion. Not to say the characters don't all have their fair share of problems, as it is still in the Drama genre.

    On the same note, there are plenty of comedic moments that have not only made me smile, but several times laugh out loud. I like how the show manages to balance the seriousness of a Drama with enough comedy to help add to the show's entertainment value.

    The characters for the most part are very well acted, though critics have said Rachel Bilson, as the main character Zoe Hart, doesn't portray a convincing doctor, and I have to agree, but I think this has more to do with how her character is written than Bilson's acting. In addition, the quirkiness she adds to the show outside of her job more than makes up for it.

    The male love interests are both, in my opinion, very well acted by Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel, and Bilson has wonderful chemistry with both George Tucker and Wade Kinsella--Porter and Bethel respectively--(even though Zoe/Wade fans vehemently deny she has any with George, I have to disagree, being a Zoe/George fan myself)

    The friendship Zoe forms with Levon Hayes, The town's Mayor, (played by Cress Williams) is also very fun to watch, and adds a nice touch away from all the romantic tension between the other male characters, and her rivalries with Lemon and Brick Breeland (played by Jaime King and Tim Matheson) helps add more plot to the show. There are also many other charming characters in more minor rolls that really add to the depth to the show too.

    The main plot in season 1 was mostly about Zoe trying to integrate herself into the community and form relationships with people very different from herself. I think the writers did a very good job coming up with zany and interesting things to happen each episode.

    Season 2 focuses more on interpersonal relationships and moves away from mishaps with Zoe not being accustomed to southern life, but still manages to portray she is always learning new things about life in Bluebell. The writers did an excellent job moving the plot from the original idea for the show, and into new territory now that Zoe is having less trouble fitting in.


    The only thing I can think of that I don't like about this show is that it sometimes seems the characters move through relationships too quickly and perhaps get over them too quickly, and it often feels like there are less in depth connections between the actors as there could be because of it.

    All in all, I give this show 8.5 stars for being a lighthearted and warm Dramedy that doesn't take itself too seriously. So if you are looking for a more realistic experience this show might not be for you, but if you just want something to entertain you and make you go "awwwww" this show fits the bill pretty well in my opinion.
  • The beauty of the US

    I love this show and I have been reading your comments about the similarities between this and Gilmore Girls and I absolutely agree! I loved Gilmore Girls and I love Hart of Dixie but I never figured out the common factors before! I am Swedish and I have always dreamt about living in one of these beautiful small towns where everyone knows each other. I do realize that this is not exactly the reality of these towns and that not every day is carnival since I have visited similar towns in the US before! Still I think we need to watch life somewhat sweetened and with problems which are not too complicated or big to solve, we get enough of that in real life! The exaggerations in some more serious shows today are frightening and sometimes too brutal, still we think these shows are being more realistic than shows that illustrates life as beautiful and fun. Fun shows are trivial and not intelligent according to some. I think we all need that right dose of sweetness that these shows offers us! Please keep up the good work with making my day and filling it with laughter! I also love New Girl, so much fun! Does anyone know of any other show which is similar to these three so I have something to watch while waiting for new episodes here?
  • lovely show

    great zoey, it has a crazy good characters (eg lemon)... don't cut the show pliz
  • Am I the only one rooting for Zoey/Jonah?

    I liked Zoey/Wade but that relationship ran its course and Zoey/George is too forced. I think Zoey should move on to a totally new guy like Jonah! They have chemistry, they're both good looking, why not? I think it is a fresh new story instead of the same old love triangle. Plus I love Jonah's personality. Overall, this is an entertaining show. Sweet, drama-filled, Southern guilty pleasure.
  • I love this show, but am sick of Zoey and George!

    This show makes me smile, but I am sick of the Zoey/George stuff. It was okay for the first season, but it is now redundant and makes Zoey less likeable. I wish that some of the relationships on this show would just stick for awhile and let other plot angles drive the show. Everyone jumping from one love to another get tiring. This is why I don't watch day time soap operas, because you can't care about any of the couples because you know that in a month their affections will be elsewhere. Why can't this show be driven by the relationships and what goes on after the initial hookup, instead of everyone constantly getting together and breaking up, relying on the romantic "what if" tension to drive the show.
  • Question

    I found this show and love it, but getting tired of the 2nd half of this season they are trying to force Zoey/George it is too soon and I am Zoey/Wade all the way. Zoey/George are better as friends. Plus Lemon can cook as shown in previous episodes and she is a great one plus she had the catering business with Annabeth. Wade is a great bartender and can make great drinks and some new ones. So is it for comicical purposes only that the whole town think they will bomb and cannot cook/ etc??

    That is just silly. What are the writers doing? Are they trying to put the show into the mud?
  • season 3 please!!!!!!

    Cancelled? Why?? Season two was so much better than season 1!! When WAde and Zoey hooked up that was when everything heated up!!!!
  • What canceled???

    Now people let's be is a good show!! Why would CW want to cancel it? my vote is: I WANT TO KEEP WATCHING THIS!!! Stop canceling good shows it's is out of control, cut it out!!!
  • Good show!

    Funny, cute and with a just a little bit too much "big events" that involves the whole town =] Lose the Zoe/George thing and it's gonna be a great show!
  • Gilmore Girls mark 2

    This is my Gilmore Girls replacement show :) It has a different set of characters but the same whimsical, small-town happenings. Makes you want to pack up and move to the country!
  • The truth

    i think that wade doesn't cheated on zow cause if you think about what wade tell zow (that he is drunk and it was but he didnt say that he cheated on her, in my opinion wade side that cause he love zow and he didnt want zow to spend her life with a mess guy after he lose the chance to get 20$.
  • This season is not as good as the first

    I used to like this show but this season has been just meh. It's like everything is about Zoe and Wade and for me that's just not enough to keep me interested. I hope they bring back the focus on the rest of the secondary characters.
  • Season 2

    I've watched since the beginning, but this season, they have really gotten the chemistry down. I just love this show, even more than some of the shows I watch on the big 3. I'm from the south, so I had to watch it to see if it was going to be good and was pleasantly surprised by it. Now I can't wait for the new episode each week. Love the show!!!!
  • Where's the love?

    Premise: Doc Hollywood (look it up) type of show, wherein a city doctor has to serve time (for one reason or another) in the middle of nowhere rural small town.

    This time it's a young NYC woman who is the doctor, and must fulfill her residence in general practice because she lacks a certain amount of emotional depth. Basically, she doesn't have a heart to be a heart surgeon. Coincidently, she learns a doctor that has been sending (stalking) her postcards since she graduated from medical school has his own practice in a small town called Bluebell. Seeing this as an opportunity to fulfill her dream to be a heart surgeon she catches the first flight/bus or whichever readily available transportation there is to Bluebell with a cliche NY city wardrobe in tow.

    Thus the viewer goes on this journey with Dr. Zoe Hart and we watch her grow as a person and interact w/ all the characters in town. There are a lot of complicated PG issues in this town, which lead to comedic scenarios and sometimes sweet endings. It's good clean fun that everyone should enjoy.

    Pros/Cons: Seeing as there are not many main characters, the relationships can get a bit incestuous (not literally, get your minds out of the gutter). Majority of the characters are over stereotyped, but they are still likable. I also applaud the show for breaking the mold by having interracial dating (hopefully Major Hayes gets a woman that will stay in the picture longer than a hot second), along with diverse population, especially for such a small town (I lived in KS for 11 years, I should know). The man eye candy isn't over the top, but enough to keep your interest, same goes for the women.

    Check it out for yourself. Show Hart of Dixie some love!
  • season2

    awsome program but does there have to be interracial romance should have kept mayor Hayes with the last girl freind
  • It has my Hart LOVE

    Lemon gives me the shits but I still think she's great in the show keep them comin bring on season 2 3 4 5 and so on
  • a heart FOR dixie <3

    I'm loving this show!

    I used to watch the . and loved Rachel Bilson!

    Even though she plays a different role in this one ; she still is amazing!

  • Fan of the show .

    Dc heart is great . the show is great . every episode is better than the other . i am Hooked . Love the show .
  • The Love Conga Line that wouldn't stop

    I just watched this on Netflix and I guess I wanted to see how the love triangle - or RATHER - the love CONGA LINE would turn out. But there were a lot of problems with the show that even I as a pretty laid-back watcher started to notice. Like each episode HAD to center around some small-town USA festival - homecoming, Founder's Day, Planksgiving, MOTY, Christmas, the wedding, like small towns are one never-ending festival. And it's not anything like a REAL small rural town, but more of a Disney version of a small town. And MUST Zoe wear spike heels and micro mini outfits all the time, even to work, just to prove that she's from NYC? And must Lemon always dress 50's style to portray a southern belle? And so many of the characters were just small-town cliches. So after, what 22 episodes - the same ole dilemma has become stretched too thin, I've lost respect for the main characters, and I'm ready to move on to a new story.
  • Watched back to back shows on a fan!

    Never had watched this on TV, I must have been watching something then I found Season 1 on Netflix and was hooked. I spent a weekend, watching all the episodes. I still am not watching Season 2, only because, I will wait for it to come out on Netflix. I can't wait to see what happens! I thought Zoe and George had great I am also pulling for Wade. The Mayor is HOT!! I want him to fall in love too. I'm sure in real life he has no problems! ;) Keep up the good work, it's a cute show!
  • A clever title goes here!

    Pleasantly Suprised :)
  • please please please

    Review Hart of Dixie
  • Charming

    To be honest, I was really hesitant about this show. In fact, despite my love for Rachel Bilson, I refused to watch it during the entire first season. I ended up caving and watching the first season on Netflix when I had run out of other things to watch and I was so surprised! By episode 2, I was completely addicted. Everything about this show charmed me. The characters are so loveable, even the "bad guys." And Bluebell is great. It reminds me of the Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but in the south.

    Rachel Bilson has been one of my favorite since the OC and she does a great job in this show. There are aspects of her character from the OC that I like that show up here, but she definitely demonstrates her range as an actress in this show.

    I'm so excited to keep watching season 2. My only regret is that I now have to wait an entire week before catching a new episode.
  • A very good start

    The show was simply amazing to watch and although some story lines were left hanging like that one about Wade's brother maybe they will be more developed in the second season.as for the cliffhanger ending that was simply thrilling and left me wanting to know what happens..obviously am on team Wade.
  • Hart of Dixie

    Hart of Dixie season 1 was so entertaining I love the whole love triangle the Mayor , lemon george & Zoey I can;t wait for season 2
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