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  • Love hart of dixie

    I LOVE Hart of Dixie so much and its just so good I can watch a show over and over again and it won't get boring and normally 4 seasons of TV shows gets boring but not hart of Dixie its so good and I want there to be more season cause I just love it so much and I couldn't think of a life without hart of Dixie.
  • Fairy tale...

    I have just watched the last episode of this show with a silly grin on my face: it was just perfect - light, funny, a kind of show one watches to cheer up! I am sad it is over but it was an excellent ending and they couldn't and shouldn't have done it any better or different! And also they shouldn't make another season: it would just be a season too many: all of the characters have had their fairy tale ending and since all fairy tales end with "They lived happily ever after!" lets not ask for more!

    It is great we had 4 season... which reminds me of another like show which never went past the first season Bunheads, killed by its own horrible title but funny, light and great just like Hart of Dixie or Gilmore Girls.... Farewell Alabama!!!!

    From season 1, I was addicted to this show. I have seen shows come and go, but I just can't imagine being without Hart of Dixie. I completely fell in love with this show. It would be heartbreaking to see this show come to an end only after four seasons. Please, please, please give us more Hart of Dixie. #ONEOFTHEBESTSHOWSONAIR
  • Fingers crossed and heart longing...

    I watched the last Season 4 episode. The writers did an outstanding job! I laughed and cried, but my heart still longs for a Season 5. In my opinion, the ratings are wrong. If there are other viewers like me, they just discovered Hart Of Dixie for the first time on Hulu and Netflix. I do believe the show would have been a bigger success if it had been aired on a major network. I personally didn't know about CW and I have been on Dish Network for years. After seeing it on Netflix and watching one episode, I was hooked. The characters are amazing and have the keen ability to make you feel as if you are visiting a cousin, who like Zoe, has just discovered their long lost family. So... I will wait patiently and hold a strong hope within myself that some important person at the top can possibly see that it would be a BIG MISTAKE to let this show end. I have never seen a show this good cancelled! ARE YOU LISTENING, BIG GUY AT THE TOP???
  • please more seasons!!!!

    I loooooooove Hart of Dixie. It's my favorite show to watch with my grandparents. Please do not cancel it. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. I look forward to watching it every Friday. Please don't cancel it. You just introduced us to lemons new little sister and I wanna see where the goes And I want to see if Brick gets remarried. There's so much more to see.
  • Hart of dixie

    It's one of me an my best friends all time favorite shows would be devastated if it got cancelled

    I seen this show since the first episide. I love this show. You cant cancel this Show. I love Hart of Dixie. I lovr it. please no cancelation. Still unanwered questions. Will Wade And Zoe get married How will they first year as parents would be. Will Brick get remarried. AB needs her happy ending come one at least one more season.
  • Please bring it back!!!

    This is the best show. I look forward to watching it. It is my favorite show. It shows how family sticks together and I love the doctor part too. The show is very interesting! Please don't stop, I want to see more!!! PLEASE make another season! HART OF DIXIE IS THE BEST!!!
  • Bring it back!!

    Great show!! please make a season 5! want to see how Zoe and Wade do as parents, and see all the relationships come together. I look forward to watching this show every week!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON!!
  • This NURSE needs a HART!!!!

    Season 5 is a must!!! I love the twists and turns and wholesome story line. I finally found a 'healthcare' related show that I'm interested in. Lastly, it reminds me of my family and hometown.

    I've even got my husband hooked on it now.

    The show must go on or this nurse is going to have suicidal tendencies.

    Recently watched on Netflix all 3 seasons and now I'm all caught up just to find out that there's probably not going to be a season 5!! :( Seriously just all of the characters, the setting, and plot and everything in between makes this show light hearted and perfect! The writers, producers, cast, etc. are what really makes this show amazing! I feel as if I can truly connect with them and feel the Bluebell spirit. This show is seriously like no other I've ever watched before and I'm upset that I just started watching it recently from Netflix just to see it possibly gone. Hey CW people! Please make there be a Season 5, this is my favorite show and no words can express how my love for Bluebell! SEASON 5 PLEASE

    Also- a message to CW!

    Remember in like season 4-5ish of Vampire Diaries when TVD was literally terrible (no offense). The first 2 seasons of TVD were great, but hit hard and was honestly not good as good seasons 4-5. I think that most of us can agree that after season 2-3ish TVD ratings were pretty bad. BUT- did that stop you! NO! NO it didn't! So please I'm asking with everything yes I can guarantee to you that every single show on this planet has hit a bad season. But just because the writers are going through a tough time doesn't mean that you can just call off HOD Season 5. The next season should be about their lives carrying on with Wanda and Tom's new baby, all the small time events of Bluebell, and the crazy yet perfect life of Zoe and Wade.

    Basically what I'm saying is that every show will have a rough season- that's almost a guarantee when entering the film world. You can't please everyone. Yes there are people that don't like the show, but there are true dedicated fans out there that love HOD. I just really want a 5th season, because it truly is my favorite TV show (as well as thousands)!
  • Sweet and Quirky!

    I have never written a review before, and I like a lot of different shows, but .... I LOVE THIS SHOW! I love ALL of this show, including Season 3. I agree that the first two seasons were sexy and full of tension, but those seasons established the characters and made us fall in love with them and the town of Bluebell, AL. When Joel was first introduced, I was very skeptical. But, he is a wonderful addition. He is kind and pleasant and supportive of everyone. I grew quickly to love him. This show is endearing! Maybe it doesn't have the drama of other shows, but that is precisely the thing that sets it apart and makes it great. This show has done something unique and achieved something much more difficult than introducing drama after drama. It has established a place full of loveable characters. I love each and every one of them. They are all so sweet and quirky in their own ways and their interactions are naturally enjoyable to watch. No drama needed! It is so nice to turn this show on and just enjoy the quirkiness of the characters mingle in and around Bluebell, AL! I really hope this show continues, so we can enjoy the people of Bluebell for a long time!
  • Stale

    I agree with the consensus. Season 1 and 2 were entertaining. Season 3, virtually all characters lost their sex appeal. With exception of Lemon who is still quite charming and interesting, the characters have become somewhat goofy and little whiny. Story lines are so dull that they are almost pointless. It lacks any type of real tension. The writing has become lazy. Gee, I have more drama in my real life. Zoey Hart is completely a new person altogether in season 3. Even when a show is intended to be light and somewhat of a guilty pleasure like Psych, the attribute of a quality show is that characters evolve in a believable way while retaining their core. This show lacks quality character development which shows that it may not last. It is hard for audience to keep caring about the characters year after year when the creators don't care enough to develop them.

  • Improved now that Joel is gone.

    OK - I have to say it - Thank heaven Joel is gone as he really drug the show down the toilet. By the way, who's grandson was he anyway?

    Now if the writers, actors, producers, and directors can work at least 3 out of every 4 months, maybe the fans wouldn't get so fed-up with the schedule.
  • Love this show

    I am so in love with this show. How can we increase ratings,

    Please tell me. I want this show forever. It's so refreshing and cute, love romances, humor... It's so effortless, the actors are amazing and it's to satisfy and release everyone.

    I cannot understand that fiction shows about werewolfs and stupidities have better ratings. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT!
  • Make up

    They need to light up on Lemon make up she was so cute and beautiful with her nude make up at the Lake House but the next morning back in BlueBell her make up made her look at least 5 years older and a little creepy too... And this is not the first time
  • In love with Wade

    I have never had a tv crush in all my 27 years but I'm totally obsessed with Hart of Dixie and Wade. Best show ever!
  • love it

    i love this show i hope that they continue it and don't take it off air , i had hardly enjoyed a show this much and i will be a total disappointment if was taken of the air i have watch the last season over and over because i can get enough i really enjoyed watching it
  • Fans from Brazil

    HOD is the best! The characters are so funny and warming.. also love the fact that most of the them are around their thirties and still trying to figure things out in their lives. Makes me feel so much better. haha

    My sisters and I love this show.

    How could they premiere HOD Season 4 and then make us WAIT so long for the NEXT episode??!! It's just MEAN.
  • LOVE this show

    I just LOVE this show, takes me a lil happy place <3
  • Season III disappointment

    Glad to read other fans were disappointed with how season III was going. Season I and Season II were so much better, charming and funny. I couldn't stop watching the episodes, they were so fun to watch. Now, it's hard to get through an episode, the storyline is so out of control.

    Hope the show decides to continue using the creator Leila Gernstein as its writer. Season III started with a different writer and you can tell.

    There was talk to move the shooting to LA! Hope they keep it in Wilmington. It would be much more authentic.

    Hope the writers listen to their fans! It's hard to find a decent and entertaining show to watch.
  • Anxious Near Dixieland

    I LOVE this show! When does the 4th season premiere?

  • Seriously love this show.

    I love this show because it doesn't make us southerners look like hicks and hillbillies. The characters are laugh out loud funny. I didn't start watching it till in-between season 2 and 3 and I downloaded it and watched it straight through, then I brought it to my husband, he laughed so hard he almost stopped breathing a couple of times, hehe. Then we took a vacation to see the family a few weeks ago and we all sat and laughed again. My fav episode will always be 'heat wave' from season 1 though. Anyway, I love that they make jokes about the south without being ridiculously over the top and insulting. It helps that the Hubby and I fight over who is hotter, I say Wade, he says Zoe! Lol. It will be depressing if they only give us 10 episodes this season and end the show, but I am kind of used to the CW canceling shows not long after I take an interest in them.
  • Would be great if any couple lasted more then a couple of months.

    It is very frustrating the way everyone goes through relationships. It's okay to make a few actually work. It's way to predictable to know in advance that each relationship is going to run about a half a season before the couple breaks up, not to mention its unrealistic, that every relationship end in a break up. And then of course a couple of months later they are friends again as if they never had feelings for each other. Everyone has dated everyone now. It's time for some to stick together.
  • Hart of Dixie Fashion

    Checkout the Fashion of Hart of Dixie Brasil here

    #Stuck #Hartofdixie

  • Hart of Dixie the adult Wonderland

    This show is great as pure escapism. I find Bluebell so abstract and unrealistic it meets all my imagined expectations of every American small town that you hear about in a Taylor Swift song. I want to go there and be friends with Dr Zoe Hart. The smart, controversial and quirky girl next door. (literally to Wade and Lavon) It fuels my desire to unveil whether or not people can have their happier ever after. I agree with many of the comments on this page that season three hasn't met the same standard as season one and two however I disagree that it is due to Joel or not enough action happening. It wouldn't have been good to see Zade back together as it would have been depressing and too repetivive to recap on a relationship that didn't work. Hart of Dixie brings a smile to every viewer due to its optimism, positivity and wholesomeness. Town bake sales, southern belles and inter town athletics competitions are all alien and fascinating to me. I want to know more after every episode(even in season 3) The storyline is overflowing with events and cunning plots, thank you Lemon. I agree with many of you I did not like Joel at the beginning but he grew on me more and more when I saw that he was really good for Zoe, you could tell this person was the only person so far who could deal with her crazy plots and plans and loved her anyway. It was the first stable relationship we have ever seen Zoe in and she shone as a result. I found it very realistic and affirming to know that even when you think your options are limited, there are always more fish in the sea. Dredging up the past is not something we, as human beings, enjoy. To sum up, I love Hart of Dixie. Please keep the adult Wonderland of Bluebell as perfectly perfect as it is already.
  • Love it!

    just love this show! It brings me joy,it makes me smile and my heart warms whenever I watch it. It feels good to have a show like this to look forward to when there are so many other shows that are so dramatic/hectic/dark a time there I had lost hope for it,in the beginning of this season the show seemed to lose its touch. But these last 3 episode where just wonderful and I just l-o-v-e how the friendship between AB, Lemon and Zoe is evolving. It reminds me of my girlfriends. I love the actors, the vibe, the music, the setting, the clothes and the themes. Thank you for putting a smile on my face on a otherwise boring saturday morning!
  • bad luck

    I hate the way joel has left I would love to seen him and zoe together. wade had his change and he blew it joel and zoe didn't have a connection but they have loved each other I don't like the woman that wade is seeing it will be better if she left
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