Hart of Dixie

Friday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered Sep 26, 2011 In Season



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  • No stars here and no more last chances:-(. Spoiler Alert

    Ira, you wrote exactly what I wanted to say. There is nothing to watch any more, no chemistry, no story behind all the craziness of flash mobs, cabaret, gazebos, poof dresses, hats ,flowers, pies and just more ado about nothing. I too felt it had to be deliberate, right? It felt like they did it to annoy the audience or fans and get rid of us. They had to change the writers overnight as the show totally flipped to a different HOD. I too wonder why it is still airing but do wish it well for the remaining fans. Also love Rachel Bilson but what is she doing staying with the show as she can do so much better. I am not trying to be mean here but it reminds me of a Christmas pantomime performed by the local high school kids wit really great props. Saw next weeks episode as CW uploaded the episode in error on its website and I basically fast forwarding. Another waste of a show with Wade and Zoe teaming up to help each other's relationships get even better. Watching them together you would never know they once had awesome chemistry. Shelby meets her baby daddy and moves to Mobile with him. He is some town council official and they had a one night stand. Lynly goes home and George and Tansy may get back together. O forgot, Joel tells Zoe they will buy a house and she is more than happy. Sorry, seem like he is staying around. Too bad as started out with great stories and chemistry but either new writers that never watched the show or wacky Leila wrote the scripts. Saw some pictures and spoilers from up coming episodes and I am officially done, over and out with the show. I will watch the final show of the season to see if they will actually have Zade or Zorge but the way things are going it may be ZoMeatball...

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