Hart of Dixie

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  • Hart of Dixie the adult Wonderland

    This show is great as pure escapism. I find Bluebell so abstract and unrealistic it meets all my imagined expectations of every American small town that you hear about in a Taylor Swift song. I want to go there and be friends with Dr Zoe Hart. The smart, controversial and quirky girl next door. (literally to Wade and Lavon) It fuels my desire to unveil whether or not people can have their happier ever after. I agree with many of the comments on this page that season three hasn't met the same standard as season one and two however I disagree that it is due to Joel or not enough action happening. It wouldn't have been good to see Zade back together as it would have been depressing and too repetivive to recap on a relationship that didn't work. Hart of Dixie brings a smile to every viewer due to its optimism, positivity and wholesomeness. Town bake sales, southern belles and inter town athletics competitions are all alien and fascinating to me. I want to know more after every episode(even in season 3) The storyline is overflowing with events and cunning plots, thank you Lemon. I agree with many of you I did not like Joel at the beginning but he grew on me more and more when I saw that he was really good for Zoe, you could tell this person was the only person so far who could deal with her crazy plots and plans and loved her anyway. It was the first stable relationship we have ever seen Zoe in and she shone as a result. I found it very realistic and affirming to know that even when you think your options are limited, there are always more fish in the sea. Dredging up the past is not something we, as human beings, enjoy. To sum up, I love Hart of Dixie. Please keep the adult Wonderland of Bluebell as perfectly perfect as it is already.
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