Hart of Dixie

Season 3 Episode 10

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Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2014 on The CW

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  • This episode is a perfect example of why I like this show

    I'm still giggling over the cabaret, "one cellular sensation". It was totally ridiculous, and would be absolutely adorable as a grade school play-- educational and so cheesy it's cute! I liked Annabeth's strength and leadership in this episode; Wade's clearly growing up, in a good way; poor Brick, but it's nice to see how that character has developed since the show started; and interesting where they're going with Tansy and George and Linley. In other words, this show was quintessential Hart of Dixie-- quirky, cute, charming and funny but with a touch of real people, real feelings. I like how the different episodes balance drama and comedy. (Heck, even my husband has developed a fondness for this show's charm)
  • Cellular

    This was a very funny episode...

    Rick and Shelby was so guy she is really driving him nuts...

    Zoe trying to do a show, which was horrible by the

    Loved how the girls tried to save Bluebell

    Very funny