Hart of Dixie

Season 1 Episode 22

The Big Day

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • Love it <3

    Great way to end the season! Can't wait for it to return!
  • Return of HOD

    When will HOD return from its season finale?
  • About time!

    That was a good episode compared to what I was expecting.

    The Wade and Zoe part of the episode was brilliant, not just because i am team Wade but they resolved a season long issue and it ended good, (really good) and it added a nice twist to how we thought they were going to leave it, firstly with the police man (Bill?) finding them and secondly when he refused to let her get out at Wade's house. I felt so happy for Wade by the end of it, because he has being getting the blunt of everyones feeling and still keeps it together where other characters i wont mention just go haywire without thinking about others. I really like how Wade plucked up the courage to let Zoe how he feels even though she already pointed it out, for his character that was a big leap and guess where it got him! exactly where he wanted to be. Though I am worried that he is going to be rolled over to get to golden boy YET again.

    Even Lemons issue were pretty good, though was a some points a bit long a slow. She for once wan't too over board and i give her points for punching George right in the face, instead of begging him to take her back. Lemon -1, George -0.

    George on the other hand, I just wanted to kill!! This character has been going through loops worst than Zoe's character and I'm sorta sick of him. This character needs some work and by work I mean go into a room and just think who they hell is this guy and what type of character he is because i find him a bit all over the place, persona wise,where as some charaters are just loose in person they are still the same character cough*Zoe* cough.

    I have to say, the shows silly ridiculousness has gone down an notch. Yes I agree it is apart of the show and that it is pilfering off the idea of a stereo-typical American country town, is does get a bit ridiculous that I just want to get up and leave. This episode was brilliant in balancing realistic tv show problems and kafufles of the enth degree, though the George going over board with the firehouse falling apart.

    Though predictable with George ending the wedding and showing at Zoe's doorstep ( I admit I though Wade would catch them) I was left unsure of Zoe's feelings and attitudes towards her two suitors.

    Overall i thought this episode was much better than the last few that have been aired.

    And I look forward to see what happens next in Bluebell!!