Hart of Dixie

Season 3 Episode 6

Family Tradition


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Zoe and Joel are ready to find a more permanent place to live in BlueBell and learn that their ideal home is owned by a relative of Zoe’s biological father. After tracking down the relative, Zoe is still undecided as to whether she is ready to meet her extended family. Thanks to the success that she and Wade have had running the Rammer Jammer, Lemon receives a tempting business offer that she may not be able to turn down. AnnaBeth seems eager for Lavon to go out of town, causing him to wonder what she is up to. Meanwhile, George and Lynly continue to grow closer, but George is still hesitant to act on his feelings.

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Nov 13, 2013
This ep was OK but i'm still annoyed at the Linley-George stuff. Aren't these characters more than their past and present relationships? Ugh, I enjoyed the stuff between Annabeth and Levon though, (now that's some proper character development!). I thought the stuff with Zoe was ok, even the bit about masquerading as a magician's manager, but the way she revealed who she really is was all wrong. She mentioned earlier in the episode that the Wilkes' tried to reach out to her when she first came, so if she rejected them a bunch of times I can understand why they'd reject her now. It's not as if she's done anything better to them! But yeah, perhaps if Zoe had led with her horrible family situation and the reasons why she is reaching out to them now, the whole thing would've gone a lot more smoothly. They may have still kicked her out, but at least they would know her reasonings. Family though, they are kinda one of the hardest people to tell things about yourself!moreless
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