Hart of Dixie

Season 3 Episode 5

How Do You Like Me Now?


Full Episode: How Do You Like Me Now?

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Zoe is thrilled to see how well Joel is adjusting to BlueBell until she learns that the townspeople might have a different opinion of him. Hoping to make things better, Zoe signs herself and Joel up to chaperon the Go Girl Tween Adventure Camp. After Joel refuses to join her, Zoe is left to fix the the town’s perception on her own. George and Lynly suffer a rough start in a competition at the Rammer Jammer, but George is pleasantly surprised when he learns they work well together. Meanwhile, Lavon is desperate to make BlueBell part of the Gazebos of Alabama calendar, but a critical flower mistake jeopardizes his plan and leads him to ask Lemon for help.

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Nov 07, 2013
Ugh why is George such a big bag of d**ks this season? He was all "you're manipulating me" to Linley, when it was really him doing the manipulating. The only reason he doesn't want Lavon to find out is cause he's afraid of getting punched in the face? That is the silliest reason I've heard of stringing along a very vulnerable (if not mentally unstable) girl and it's one of the worst plot lines this season has offered up. I think its just that they don't know what to do with George, and to be honest I think Scott Porter is phoning it in a bit. There is a lot of over-acting on his part, which is probably more to do with the poor writing than anything else, but it's still disappointing. I mean, I don't watch this show for the stand out drama, but how many times do I have to shake my head in an episode? Give George something better to do like a big court case with another town or something that's not necessarily to do with relationships and women. Surely there's more to his character than that? Give me some depth, show!moreless

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