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  • Can Anyone Remember

    Here is a Hart to Hart trivia question.

    Can anyone remember in which episode Jonathon gives a brand new imported car to Jennifer for her birthday?

    He drives her to the pier to see the car being offloaded from the cargo ship. He walks up to a man with a white hat and hands him the bill of lading.

    This is undoubtedly a minor part of the episode and not part of the plot.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer Hart had everything money could buy but they wanted a little bit more out of life ...

    Hart to Hart was one of the best crime solving duos on television. Of course it was cheesy and of course they always escaped practically unscathed, but the point is, the show was lots of fun to watch each week as Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, millionaire business people, decided to become mllionaire crime fighters in their spare time.

    Each episode brought a new case to crack, which they inevitably did with the help of their Houseman, Max, and their cute little dog, Freeway.

    The show was predictable but extremely watchable and they attracted some great guest stars over the years.

    If you haven't seen it, gett hold of the DVDs and watch some 1980s style crime fighting!
  • Absolute tosh, and I love it!

    Now look me in straight the eye and tell me you don’t love this show. Having been obsessed with ‘The Thin Man’ films since birth, it seems only natural that I transferred my affections to this series when it hit our screens in the late 70s/early 80s.

    Jonathan and Jennifer are the ideal couple: sharp witted, wry and happily married. When they found themselves in some truly ludicrous situations, be it embroiled with international drug smugglers, jewel thieves or dubious dog food manufacturers, they never lost their humour or verve.

    The fundamental reason for the success of this series, despite its ridiculous premise, is the amazing rapport between the show’s two stars: Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers. Like Powell and Loy, their wisecracking seemed to come naturally and you never once questioned the authenticity of their relationship. They seemed very comfortable together. In times of trouble, and there were many, Jonathan was always there flailing around with some unscrupulous miscreant while Jennifer stood on the sidelines playing the archetypical ‘damsel in distress.’ Lara Croft she may not have been but that didn’t matter; who said chivalry was not allowed to exist in the 1980s?

    The weakest point has to be the plot. Actually, ‘plot’ ought to be used in the loosest sense term when referring to this show. It was more like a dubious concoction of implausible coincidences. Each week the Harts would find themselves caught up in some form of espionage, murder or fraud, purely by accident. Quite how Jonathan had time to run such an internationally successful company is beyond belief. Again though, does it really matter? Not in my book. As the series progressed things got more bizarre, and I loved it even more. In today’s world of reality television and self-promoting celebrities, there is a dire need for inconsequential escapism where ‘the baddies’ are quashed after one hour, not put on the front cover of some magazine.

    Yes it is exceptionally cheesy, but that was what the 80s and escapism are all about. No, I have not had a cup of altitude too many, I simply love this show!
  • Not bad.

    This was the most amazing show of all times, and still stands the test of time. I only wish it's syndication was more accessible. Being that I work in an entertainment facility, I was privy to have a real conversation with Mr Wagner while he waited to go on stage. He and his wife, Jill, did their rendition of "Love Letters". It was the most beautiful thing. They are really down to earth people. Mr Wagner told me that during the time of "Hart to Hart" was the best time in his life. "That show was really good to us" was his comment. He was quite fixated on telling me about his newest "Austin Powers" project in the works. I and a few others spoke with him and Jill after the show as well. What separated these folks from the other acts, are the fact that they aren't actors, they are movie stars.
  • A rich couple of detectives.

    Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner) and his wife Jennifer (Stephanie Powers) play detectives in this show. Jonathan a self made millionaire owns a multi-million dollar company. Jennifer, his wife, was a very talented writer. They are joined by a butler named Max who is also there driver and long-time friend of Jonathan’s. They live in Los Angeles in a mansion. They solve cases from murder to extortion. When they aren't solving mysteries they travel all over the world. Jonathan likes to play poker with his friends and Max. They also have parties at their house and have a many rich friends. This was a very good story.
  • In this episode, the kids stage \"Operation Alice,\" a procedure that leaves their beloved maid with one kidney and about ten percent less of her small intestine. While some viewers might find the scene in the operating room a bit unpleasant, we can still

    It\'s no coincidence that \'modern television\' is said to have begun in 1969. Sherwood Schwartz, the genius behind \"Gilligan\'s Island,\" came up with the novel idea of using children in a TV series, setting the stage for every family show made since. In this first episode, we get to see how it all started, with Mike & Carol\'s wedding merging two half-families into that most perfect of TV families, so perfect that, within a year, even they would forget how it all started, never again to refer to their step-status. But what about the hidden messages? Why, for instance, is
  • I watched this program with my Mum every Tuesday night. I have since lost my mum, but sometimes I feel like she is right there with me watching the first season on my DVDs. I want to know when season 2 will be coming out?

    I loved the chemistry that Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner had with each other. You could almost feel it through the screen. They seemed to genuinely enjoy each others company. And Lionel Stander was the best pick for the person to best play the part of Max. I think between him and Charlie
    \" Freeway\" it really brought that show together and made it work. I love that show.
  • Love the stars works

    Good-Robert Wagner presents a good image.
    Staphanie Powers is a pretty as usually and overrides her personnal nieve image when she is on screen. Stephanie is good. I watched Stephanie looking at trivial goodies in Bodega, CA. and she is the same sweetie as ever, her guard at the time was nice also.
    Both Robert and Stephanie are good people.
  • A superb show, quality bar none! Great talents of Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner and Lionel Stander, hats off to you!

    Hart to Hart is the best show ever made on tv. It is my number one personal fave. I have seen every episode many times and the movies. Starring the very talented actors: Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers, though getting up in their seventies are still very good looking. Also starring the late great, Lionel Stander, and Freeway as himself.

    This show had suspense, mystery, action adventure and drama with romance and humour too. It was great to see a different mystery solved every week by the adorable couple who seemed to love each other very much. I say seemed because they were acting of course, but must have got a long great off camera to provide such showing love on camera too. That affection came through on the screen and made us want to watch every week. I will buy the DVD's.
  • This is my number one favourite show of all time. I adored this show when it was on; they were so good together as the Harts. They are now 65 and 75 years old; still as ever good looking. Lionel and Freeway passed away.

    This show is number one in my books, and my number one all time favourite ever. Robert Wager is still very good looking and talented so is Stefanie Powers, gorgeous. I loved every episode and the movies that followed. They continued to do the movies until Lionel passed away.
    It was just the best in my books.

  • Not since Nick and Nora Charles has there been a more enjoyable husband and wife team of sleuths.

    Not since Nick and Nora Charles has there been a more enjoyable husband and wife team of sleuths.

    Fabulously wealthy Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner) and his beautiful wife Jennifer (Stephanie Powers) are a bright, perceptive and elegant couple who enjoy a bit of amateur detective work in their jetsetting world. They become embroiled in various crimes and mysteries which never seem to interfere with their obvious love for one another.

    Refreshingly, they aren't perfect. They bicker and argue about cases, but can usually agree on a course of action (or two) which occasionally manage to make matters worse before setting things right.

    There were two supporting cast members: Freeway and Max. Freeway is a mutt the Harts rescued by the side of the road (hence the name). Max (Lionel Stander) is Jonathan's long-time friend and mentor who acts as the couple's butler, cook, chauffeur, confidant and Man Friday.

    This popular show attracted many guest stars who were just as well-known as Wagner, Powers and Stander. It's a treat to see that sort of talent and casting in a television show.
  • I love this show! Hart to Hart (Hart aber Herzlich) is one of the greatest shows I've ever seen on TV! An adorable Stefanie Powers (Jennifer Hart) and a great Robert Wagner (Jonathan Hart) are an unique team when it comes to solving homicide cases. The tw

    I love this show! Hart to Hart (Hart aber Herzlich) is one of the greatest shows I've ever seen on TV! An adorable Stefanie Powers (Jennifer Hart) and a great Robert Wagner (Jonathan Hart) are an unique team when it comes to solving homicide cases. The two of them show great admiration, care, affection and love for each other, which was never reached again by any other couple in any other TV-show. There is no cheating on the partner, or anything else that "modern TV-couples" do to each other from episode to episode. It's just great TV and worth watching it over and over. I sincerely hope that the DVD will be released soon! :-)