Hart to Hart - Season 6

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Till Death Do Us Hart (TV Movie)
    Munich is the setting of yet another Hart Anniversary except this time Jennifer takes on a whole new personality. She's there to save a young boy's life, who knew she'd have to save her own too.
  • Harts in High Season (TV Movie)
    The Harts travel to Australia to purchase a wildlife reserve from Jennifer's former love interest. Believing that Jonathan stole Jennifer from him years before, Elliott Manning plots to frame Jonathan for his murder and take back his beloved Jennifer.
  • Two Harts in Three-Quarter Time (TV Movie)
    Grief-stricken Jonathan and Jennifer travel to Montreal for the reading of Max's will. A special gift from Max to the Harts holds the key to murder, intrigue, and suicide.
  • Secrets of the Hart (TV Movie)
    At a Hart Industries charity auction, Jennifer finds a locket that could hold the key to unlocking Jonathan's early years spent at the Mission Street Orphanage and the family he never knew.
  • Old Friends Never Die (TV Movie)
    Jonathan and Jennifer travel to publisher Alfred Raines' private island for a party at which Raines is hoping to sign Jennifer to a writing contract. When Jennifer overhears someone plotting to murder a man during the weekend, she and Jonathan set out to discover who's trying to kill who and almost get themselves killed in the process.moreless
  • Crimes of The Hart (TV Movie)
    Someone is trying to sabotage a Broadway production of a play Jennifer wrote in college. When one of the stage hands is murdered, even Jonathan is a suspect. The Harts don't have much time to ensure that the show will go on.
  • Home is Where The Hart Is (TV Movie)
    When Jennifer's beloved teacher and mentor dies suddenly, she leaves the town she owned, Kingman's Ferry, to Jennifer. A trail of mysterious clues leads the Harts to long-kept secrets about the town that were directly tied to her friend's "accident," and it looks like they're destined to meet the same fate unless they can solve the mystery of Kingman's Ferry before it's too late.moreless
  • Hart to Hart Returns (TV Movie)
    Jonathan expresses an interest in buying an aircraft company from a friend and finds himself implicated in a murder case when corrupt defense contractors aim to prevent the takeover. Meanwhile, Jennifer has difficulty getting her latest story published and Max experiences problems training Freeway Jr.