Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Season 2 Episode 6

Back To The Present

Aired Monday 12:00 AM May 16, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Jetsons enlist Harvey's help to sue us for screwing up the planet. Turns out there's a reason all the buildings in the Jetsons' world are on stilts: the ice caps melted and the earth is covered in water. Meanwhile, Phil is terrified - or is it excited - that the Jetsons are there to abduct and anally probe him.moreless

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  • Back to the Past

    I'll admit I've seen "The Jetsons" and I'm not a fan of the show, despite having what at the time seemed like a really cool colorful future world. What I really like about this episode is how it really shows how the ideas of the future from the show contrast with what we have now.

    It's really funny when we see how some of the concepts in "The Jetsons" which seemed like simple fast solutions are now extremely dated because our modern technology that we possess now just beats the paints out of theirs. But also the abserdty of certain concepts of "The Jetsons", one hillarous moment is when the family has to walk toward Harvey's desk which is just meters away and they get to it very very slowly because their not use to walking much and it's true in the show I hardly see these characters walk much usually their on some conveyer belt or a hovering device to get from point a to b. "The Jetsons" are as lazy as the humans in the movie "WALL-E". Comic Gold.moreless
  • A birdman classic episode dude.

    This was so dang funny. A mock of why the jetsons live like they do. Was that the real reason why they lived like that, I don't know. But it's still good. Also Bush is made fun of. And a dig about how lazy people of the future just might be if everything starts to be run by computer.
Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Myron Reducto, Phil Ken Sebben, Various

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Harvey Birdman, Judge Hiram Mightor, Various

John Michael Higgins

John Michael Higgins

Judge Mentok the Mind-Taker, Various

Thomas Allen (II)

Thomas Allen (II)

Peanut, Various

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Elroy / Boo Boo / Computer Voice

Guest Star

Diane Michelle

Diane Michelle

Jane / Orbity

Guest Star

Wally Wingert

Wally Wingert

George / Astro

Guest Star

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche


Recurring Role

Chris Edgerly

Chris Edgerly


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • While the episode says the Jetson family came back from the year 2002 but The Jetsons was set in the year 2062.

    • The Jury Vac, a robotic jury featured in this episode, has the Apple startup sound when plugged in (showing that Apple is still in existance in the distant year of...2002).

    • 4076 A.P. In the distant future, Potamus seems to have huge idols and hundreds of followers, quoting him. A.P. probably means Anno Potamus, or In the Year of the Potamus. This distant future would take place 4076 years after the year of Potamus's birth.

    • In "Shaggy Busted", a frizzled-looking George Jetson makes a brief appearance, apparently in jail. George promises Jane, Judy, and Astro that he'll get out real soon. This is true, because in this episode he is living happily with his family, in their expensive home on stilts.

    • In several instances, the Jetsons' clothing keeps changing from fine to ragged.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Peanut: So where are you guys from? Florida?
      George Jetson: No. We're from the future.
      Elroy Jetson: The 21st century!
      George Jetson: The magnificent far-off year of 2002!
      Harvey Birdman: [looks at desk calendar of 2004] Really.
      George Jetson: Yes, talking ape man! We are from a society much advanced over your own! A society driven by sprockets! A technological marvel that gives us items such as... *this*!
      [holds up enormous cell phone about as large as he is]
      Peanut: [answers a small pocket-size cell phone] Who's feelin' Peanutty?

    • George Jetson: [describing how food is cooked in the future] You just press a couple of buttons and *bam*! It's done.
      Harvey: Hmm. Fascinating. Excuse me.
      [removes his lunch from the microwave]

    • Harvey: Then that means... that I'm your... This means I finally get to have sex! With a woman!
      George Jetson: No, there are other ways.

    • Mentok: Nope! Too cute! Pocket Nostradamus here thinks he knows the future. Hmmm. Interesting. Because, you see, no one knows the future except me, Mentok, the Mind Taker!

    • Birdman: What are these?
      George Jetson: (slowly) Punch cards. You take them and slide them into a sophisticated device called a com-pu-ter.

    • George Jetson: We come from the future! The glorious far-off year of 2002!

    • Reducto: The key Birdman, are the Three "R's." Reduce... I forgot the other two.

    • Harvey: You, wanted to see me?
      Phil: They're trying to get me Birdman!
      Harvey: Uhh, who are?
      Phil: THE GRAYS!!! (Camera pans to see hundreds of Jetson/Alien drawings all over Phil's office)

  • NOTES (6)

    • In the introduction, George speaks of his boss, Mr. Spacely, as a slave-driver. Yet a couple of minutes later, when the mutants are hoarding into their home-on-stilts, one of the mutants is actually Mr. Spacely. He is the short, balding one, with the nose-length mustache.

    • Like Judy, Rosie also plays a silent role in this episode. She appears in the introduction, but is apparently abandoned when they go to Sebben & Sebben.

    • In 196x, this is what some people actually thought the future was going to be like this, everything activated by a button, and a hoverbelt takes you wherever without walking, by 2002, it's 2006 now and I cant get a hover car learner's permit!

    • Just as Birdman finishes saying "I don't know...what effect can one person possibly have on the environment?", George W. Bush can be seen sitting in the back of a stretch limousine driving by.

    • Judy was cut from the episode because they couldn't find anyone who could duplicate her voice as well as they wanted.

    • When Mentok makes the announcement about O.J. Simpson, a cartoon Simpson tackles him. He's also wearing a bloody glove.


    • Crying Indian:
      When Harvey throws his waste from Ling Ling Panda Burgers, he throws it out the window and it lands at the feet of a crying Native person. This is a parody of the 1970s commercial with an Indian staring at a polluted river and crying.

    • Back To The Future: The title, the use of the DeLorean, and the quick appearance of Doc Brown is a parody of the famous 80's trilogy, Back To The Future.

    • Waterworld: When the "mutants" come in through the front door in the future, you can see Kevin Costner's character from Waterworld walk in with them.

    • Video Killed The Radio Star: A line from the first music video to play on MTV, the Buggles's song "Video Killed The Radio Star."

    • Soylent Green: Phil's line "It's People!!! The mediterrian rap is people!!" is a parody of the line Charlton Heston screams out in the film Soylent Green.

    • Star Trek: The sound effect and the green beam that happen when Mentok comes in are taken straight out of the famous sci-fi series Star Trek.

    • Boo Boo: In the "abduction" scene with Phil, we get the appearance of Boo Boo Bear from The Yogi Bear Show.

    • Jabberjaw: Just at the end of the episode, we see the famous Hanna-Barbera shark from his show of the same name, Jabberjaw.

    • The Jetsons: The guest characters featured in this episode are from he famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon series The Jetsons.