Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Season 2 Episode 4

High Speed Buggy Chase

Aired Monday 12:00 AM May 02, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Speed Buggy is arrested for leading the cops on a high speed chase. As Harvey prepares for the trial, longtime assistant Avenger resigns, landing a job with Harvey's rival Vulturo. Harvey searches for a replacement, downgrading from a legal eagle to a legal finch.

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  • Going for the gust-o, wish me luck! :idea:

    I can't believe nobody has written a review for this episode yet! :shock: I also can't believe that it took me this long to write my review for this episode but I've just been so busy recently! I have been Swamped with responsibilities that range from the really important to the really mundane! But now, I can talk about what I really love, this show and all it's funny moments! Birdman and Avenger part ways and Harvey tries to get a replacement. In the meantime, Speed Buggy is living up to his namesake, but to a dangerous degree! Or is he Not doing it on purpose as everyone thinks he is? One things for sure, the truth will be found out somehow! That's what I love about this show! It both honors And parodies the great Hanna-Barbara cartoons at the same time! How could anyone ask for anything better?! That's my review for This episode! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Myron Reducto, Phil Ken Sebben, Various

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Harvey Birdman, Judge Hiram Mightor, Various

John Michael Higgins

John Michael Higgins

Judge Mentok the Mind-Taker, Various

Thomas Allen (II)

Thomas Allen (II)

Peanut, Various

Neil Ross

Neil Ross

Vulturo / Parrot

Guest Star

Nika Futterman

Nika Futterman

Debbie / Newscaster 1

Guest Star

Chris Edgerly

Chris Edgerly

Funky Phantom / Potamus / Tinker

Recurring Role

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Speed Buggy / Avenger

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Avenger flys in, the courtroom walls have tire tracks on them. Yet, when he opens the door to find the remote, the tracks are gone.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Reducto: So. Twenty years, huh?
      Avenger: Caw.
      Potamus: This blows! Who's up for a Hooter's run?
      Potamus: What? Hooter's? For the bird? It's an owl reference!
      Reducto: Big bosoms make me nauseous.

    • Phil: You know what he needs? A mate. Finches are sad without mates; they won't type without them.
      Harvey: Plus, I don't think he understands English.
      Phil: Maybe I got a European Goldfinch by mistake. Crap! Nope! I think he understands plenty!

    • Phil: What do you mean, he's not a good typist?
      Harvey: Well, he's too light. Can't push the keys down.

    • Harvey: Does that make us criminal, or human... slash talking car.

    • Funky Phantom: How do you think they (the founding fathers) would react to pornography! Or naked pictures even?!?!
      Peanut: Well, George Washington would probably have more wood than just his teeth.

      The Plywood Dentrifice and Mr McQuire
      A Thomas Miffin Production
      George Washington as Himself
      Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley as Mrs. McQuire
      Jared Ingersoll as The Gentleman from Pennsylvania
      Goveneur Morris as Tom the Neighbor
      Johnny Appleseed as Himself
      Directed by Publius
      Produced by William "Sammy" Johnson
      Costumes - Charles Cotesworth Pinkney

    • Harvey: So sorry we couldn't help out, but again, doing a will after you're dead is pretty much frowned upon. It's a legal thing.
      Phantom: That's not what the founding fathers intended. I know! I was there!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Xandu/Zarog: Xandu and Zarog are from the planet Moger. Xandu and Zarog are using their ship to perpetuate a purple moss to cover Central City in an effort to take over the Earth.

    • CHiPs: At the end of the episode, before the actual credits, all the characters freeze-frame while laughing and some fake credits begin to roll. This is a reference to the TV show CHiPs, in which almost all episodes ended with a freeze-frame with almost all of the characters laughing at something. The music and font used is also similar to the one from CHiP's.

    • Speed Buggy: The title of the episode and the characters featured in it are from the the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Speed Buggy.

    • Funky Phantom: The episode makes reference to one of the more popular, yet short lived Hanna-Barbera shows Funky Phantom.

      The ghost character shown talking to Harvey Birdman was Jonathan Wellington "Mudsy" Muddlemore. Daws Butler, who also voiced the Snagglepuss character, also voiced the "Mudsy" character, which is why Butler would reference Snagglepuss through the "Mudsy" character, and this is also portrayed in the episode through Mudsy's dialog.

    • Scrappy-Doo: One of the objects Avenger throws into his box is a dead Scrappy-Doo from Scooby & Scrappy-Doo.

      The dead dog is from Johnny Quest.

    • Bandit: One of the objects Avenger throws into his box is a dead Bandit, of Johnny Quest fame.