Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Season 4 Episode 2

Incredible Hippo

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Oct 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Every bit of it was as wonderful as I hoped it would be! :!:

    I immediately knew when I saw the previews to this episode a year back, that this was an episode that I should watch! Unfortunately, life got in the way somehow (I don't remember the cause) and I didn't catch it! But after waiting for sometime, the episode Finally re-aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and I have to say it Was worth the wait because I Loved it! When Peter Potamus eats donuts that have been contaminated by radiation from Atom Ant, he becomes The Creature, a very green, very much stronger, very much wider hippopotamus whenever he's angry, hungry, or he's got the hots for Judy as Birdgirl! But Judy proves to be a kindred soul. She helps Peter learn how to control his emotions properly so that he can function in normal life and yet use his powers when the need arises so he can help people! And he will need to learn how to do this to, because when a fire rages, someone needs to save Judy! And that someone is Peter Potamus as The Creature! I don't know about you, but I think Peter Potamus and Judy are going to get married someday, it could happen! That's why I love this episode! It parodied yet respected "The Incredible Hulk" at the same time which is why I love this episode! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Definietly one of the best episodes in all four seasons. I\'m sure all of them will be as good as this.

    Atom ant is being persecuted, due to his home having high radiation levels. Meanwhile Potamus, after losing some weight (15 oz., eats a poppy-seed donut that contains radioactive pellets from Atom Ants behind (he seems to drop them everywherE, probably some bowel problems XP) Soon Potamus turns into the Incredible Hippo, yeah, its a corny pun. Phil learns of the \\\'creature\\\' and tries to hunt it down. In the end, Phils legs are rendered useless, either because Potamus ran over him, X the Eliminator ran over him, or the serum he was injected with paralyzed him waist down. The \\\'creature\\\' saves Phils daughter and everything went back to normal, except for Atom Ant, since he\\\'s now in Mentoks ant farm. It was hysterical, from the piano tunes (used in the hulk), Phil trying to hunt Potamus, and the ending which was almost like the ending in the Incredible Hulk
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