Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Season 4 Episode 1

Mufti Trouble

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Oct 02, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Harvey is shocked when Avenger starts talking, when Peanut comes in with a snake to "get rid of a mouse problem". Phil comes in with boxes of stuff that he cleaned out of his office. Peanut sees a discarded vase to house the snake. He rubs the vase and releases the genie Shazzan. He says he was imprisoned for looking at the wife of "Mufti, the Mizwa of Muzzy Tah". Harvey offers to take the case, but Shazzan says that Peanut will take it.
Peanut starts abusing his master status, while Harvey suggest that they get a picture of Mufti (note: each time someone says "Mufti", a window opens and winds starts blowing things around). The sketch artist, the Inch High Private Eye, finishes the sketch, revealing that Mufti is none other than Mentok. Mentok is taken into custody. Harvey, meanwhile, has taken Avenger to the vet's office to get to the bottom of his sudden ability to speak. While trying to get a urine sample from Avenger, Harvey gets a call from a jailed Mentok asking for legal assistance.
Harvey shows up at the prison, a glass cube suspended over a river of lava. Mentok claims that he, too, was a genie in the 70's (the 0070's), and that Shazzan was trying to pin his imprisonment on Mentok. Harvey suggest that they take the case to a judge, but Mentok says "I'm a judge, we don't believe anything!". Instead, Mentok says, they have to find a broken magic disc, combine the pieces, and say the magic word, and Shazzan will go back into the vase. Mentok wants to break out to find the disc, but Harvey is weary to. Mentok knocks him out anyway, and tries to escape by dressing up as Harvey (but without the wings). The guards aren't fooled, though.
Back in front of the office, Peanut is still making wishes from Shazzan, who says that he won't grant any more wishes until they work on the case. Peanut asks "Have you forgotten who be de master in this scenario?". Shazzan promptly makes Peanut disappear into the vase with the already imprisoned Chuck and Nancy. There, he immediately starts to work on an escape. The only materials they have are rope, vanishing dust, and "The Opal of Knowledge". Peanut throws the opal away, uses the vanishing dust on Chuck, and starts hitting on Nancy.

Back in the courtroom, both Mentok and Shazzan are missing their legal coucil. Mentok tries to call Harvey, while Shazzan simply magic's them into the room (Peanut appears with Nancy tied up to a carnival knife-throwing board). Peanut starts his defence, but has no clue what to do, forgetting phrases like "the court's attention" and "withholding evidence". With a little help from Harvey, Peanut finally gets it out that Mentok was withholding information about the disc. Mentok says he simply forgot where it was. Tiring of the case, Mentok tricks Shazzan into saying "Mufti" and flies out the open window.
Scene shifts to a bathroom, showing the broken disc sitting in a urinal. Potamus comes out of the bathroom, talking to the janitor. He gets freaked and runs off after Avenger, who is sitting in his cage on a sink, talks to him. Mentok comes in and finds the disc. He puts it back together, and tries to get the janitor to say the magic word on the disc (Mentok saying it will have no effect). Avenger volunteers to say it, provided that Mentok fills the urine cup for him. Avenger says the words, and Shazzan is sucked back into the vase, along with a lobster and the Inch High P.I.
The final scene is the familiar group shot in Harvey's office (present are Nancy, Chuck, the bear, Avenger, Harvey, Peanut, and Mentok). Harvey congratulates Avenger on saving the day when Phil comes in, saying he decided on an "Arabian Knights" theme for his office. Mentok tosses the vase, saying that he has a decorator for him. Phil misses the vase and it smashes. Mentok wonders "Why didn't I think of that before?" Peanut gets a tube letter with Avenger's test results. Peanut reads that the bird has "low sperm count" and "frighteningly high levels of THC". Avenger makes a "wark" like noise and credits roll.