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  • Who could think of this as bad?

    This is the funniest cartoon ever. It's my favorite series that has been cancelled. It was always things that didn't make sense. It was a series so bad that it was awesome. The end was acidic, but at least the series ended as a cool series should: without the opportunity to come back. The best adult swim series ever.
  • I'll take the case!

    This has got to be one of the funniest parodies based on Hannah Barabara's cartoons ever made. The show is about Harvey Birdman, former hero who still defends justice by becoming a lawyer. Harvey takes on cases from the cast of the Flintstones to the cast of Scooby Doo. He also has friends who help him, but more hinder him and there are crazy prosecutors. The show has a great majority of the Hannah Barabara cartoon characters and do parodies of all of them based on their personalities. To say it's hilarious to see the characters like this is an understatement. They are all so crazy, from Mentok the Mindtaker to Phil and to X the Eliminator, this show makes every character unbelievably funny. The episodes are usually about Harvey taking a case and his friends try to help him, but end up making things worse for him, but what makes it so great is that no one is concerned with how the case goes. There are episodes that do not involve cases but time travel and romance instead, they are great as well. The humor in this show is mostly random, and it is always done well. There is never a joke in this show that will not make you laugh. I really thought this was one of the greatest shows ever to air on Adult Swim and I would like it to be back in reruns. Go see this show on DVD and feel the power...OF ATTORNEY!
  • Feel the power.........OF ATTORNEY!

    Ok, how many of you know Harvey Birdman?
    That superhero guy with the wings? Erm......he use to have his tv show? The dude with the purple bird!
    There, it's coming back to you, isn't it?
    Let's say that we take this superhero and have him become a lawyer? Not just that, let's make him take cases on beloved cartoon characters. Like Scooby-Doo, Boo-boo, Droopy.
    That's what this show does. And, let me tell you, it does a fantastic job!
    Harvey dosen't sove these cases alone, oh no. He has help from Avenger(That purple bird I was telling you about), his assistant Peanut(Also has wings), and Bird-Girl(Really the daughter of Phil Sabben, the head honcho of Harvey's work place)
    He has some enemies too, like Reducto, a little green "alien" with a shrink ray.

    This show is laugh-out-loud funny! [adult swim]can make a lot of great shows! Better than Nick, or Disney can!

    You have to watch this show!
  • A very original show.

    The premise of Harvey Birdman is definitely an original one. Harvey acts an attorney, assisting other old, Hanna-Barbera characters. With hilarious results. Harvey Birdman is a well-acted and written show that has a familiar Space Ghost style of spirit and charm. It utilizes a certain degree of continuity and has many references, but the show is never too referential that it becomes annoying. While the stiff, flash animation annoys me (though the first season was traditionally animated I believe), I can mostly ignore this due to the usually excellent execution. To put it simply, Harvey Birdman is just fun to watch.
  • iloveharveybirdman!

    harvey birdman is a great show although i havent seen many episodes because im usually watching something else.I think the show is great they shouldnt have canceled it.Its pretty bad that they did but well anyways.,My favorite episode was probably the one With scooby doo Its pretty funny and well watchable.Unlike The tim and eric crappy show.OR tom goes to the mayor.But then again adult swims program is mainly pretty good..better than cartoon network at least.Anyways this show Doesnt have too many cheesy jokes and doesnt always joke about going to the bathroom because thats what alot of adult swims programming is.
  • As funny as it is weird.

    I first came across Birdman while on holiday in Majorca when I was 13. I remember vividly watching it with these 2 hot German twins and laughing whenever he shouted 'Bi-ii-irdMAN'. It was really, really corny. But this was back in the day when Cartoon Network didn't have much to show other than the really old-fashioned 1960's and 70's stuff. The last thing I ever imagined is that Birdman would come back in the 21st century to be re-invented as Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law at the Sebben and Sebben law firm.

    He's a bit of a dunderhead. And a bighead and a sociophobe and rude but you can't help but love him. Avenger is still his sidekick (only cuter than he was previously) and his boss is Phil Ken Sebben, a one-eyed ladies man. Among the various, random people who work for the firm are Peanut (a Birdman wannabe), Peter Potamus, Reducto and a big cuddly bear who always seems to be smiling (and applauding all on his own at inappropriate moments). My fave character has to be Judge Mentok the Mindtaker (OOOOO-EEEEEE-OOOOOO-EEEEEE!!!!), he just really, really funny.

    Harvey's typical cases involve him defending the likes of Shaggy and Scooby, Fred Flintstone, Boo-Boo and George Jetson. Getting in the way of cases going smoothly are and abundance of rapid-fire jokes that come at you from all angles and will probably disorientate you if you're not sure where they're coming from. Sometimes you might have to watch an episode twice as the the dialogue is usually delivered very quickly and you might lose your place among the cryptic references and wildly outlandish humor.

    In truth, it's a show for Adults. Even though the jokes are only mildly suggestive there is no way a child could fully understand everything that is going on unless they are an uber-uber-geek. This is a show made for people who love stuff like Family Guy, not Spongebob Squarepants.

    Oh, and I love that theme song. They must release some kind of soundtrack CD for this show. Why? Because Mentok WILLS it so!
  • Put it on FOX

    "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" is a pretty good show that airs on Adult Swim, the adulteratedd block from 11-5am on Cartoonetwork. It's a comedy. It's not exactly my favorite show in the world but it still is a show I'm a fan of. It's a Adult Swim orgininal. I started watching it when it first came on and I didn't know much about it but after I figured it out, I started to watch it alot. Harvey rules! He should be on FOX! Not Adult Swim! Hardly anyone gets to see it on Adult Swim unlike if it were on FOX.
  • R.I.P. Birdman 1967-2007

    I remember when I was a kid I used to watch the 60's Birdman classic cartoons on CN when I was a kid. Birdman was a superhero who saves the world 24/7. Then Williams Street created this show "Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law" which premiered on [adult swim] in 2001. Birdman works as a lawyer to help characters like Droopy, Scooby Doo, and most other familiar characters created by Hanna-Barbara win the case in every court session. In most episodes you'll see some characters driving Birdman crazy. I say that this show is well-created. It always takes me by suspense. But after seeing what happened on the series finale, it was shocking what happened seeing Birdman died in a way that was unpredictable and I laughed so hard. Overall, Birdman is one of the coolest Hanna-Barbara characters ever made and he will definately be missed. May he rest in peace.
  • omfg this show is so freaking funny i almost died when it ended...

    Harvey Birdman: Attorney at law was such an accomplishment.I really loved the show because of it's characters, the funniness just the shire randomness of the show got me laughing my lungs out in every episode.The story was also great.In my opinion this show ended in the best way possible but i still want birdman to live.Also i've been thinking whether or not they should make more Harvey Birdman Attorney at law.In my opinion i want it to continue but then again it did end so dramatically and coolly.So i don't really know what to think is going to happen to Harvey Birdman.Well this show rules i loved it and i give it a ten out of ten as in one of the best shows around.
  • Whatever happened to all of our favorite Hanna/Barbera superheroes?

    Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law has to be one of the greatest cartoon parodies ever produced. Anyone who grew up watching the shows that Hanna Barbera produced through most of the 1960s can identify instantly with this show. Using those familiar over-the-top characters in a more mundane, more modern world, Harvey Birdman creates situations that are absolutely hilarious. What else would Apache Chief do after he saves the Earth but have a coffee?

    The show has great writing and great voice characterizations, and draws upon lots of sources for its humor. It is both subtle and slapstick and can be enjoyed on a lot of different levels. Even re-runs are fun because you can catch different jokes every time you watch it.

    I score this irreverent poke at the good old cartoons of the 1960 a high 9.5.
  • I cried tears of joy and farted clouds of sunshine...

    Another in the larger by the day list of shows who use old Hannah/Barbara cartoon stills to make hilarious new TV. Harvey Birdman is slightly different from his big brother Sealab 2021 in that instead of boxing themselves into one set of stills (i.e. the Sealab 2020 set) Harvey Birdman uses new backgrounds and any of the old H/B characters. The voice acting is awesome, in fact for a while I really believed that it was the original, until I noticed that some of the actors were dead. All in all I think this show is really top notch cut and paste. I watch it every chance I get.
  • Our favorite cartoons are all grown up, and being punished to the full extent of the law.

    Who's that man in the suit? Who's that cat with the beak? Do you really want to feel him, Harv the Attorney? Habeus Corpis, Call the Attorney. I love this show. One of the best Adult Swim has ever had to offer. It doesn't get any better than Shaggy and Scooby Doo's drug bust, or superheros whose powers come from their...laps. If you're a fan of classic Hanna-Barbera catoons, you will love this show. Stephen Colbert as Phil is truly genious. My only problem is Mentok the Mindtaker. I like the original judge better. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law! Ooooo.
  • I'm going to miss Harvey Birdman like I did Stephen Colbert.

    Harvey Birdman did it right, using Harvey Birdman characters and having Hanna-Barbera characters make cameo appearances. Too bad that the show is going to end because there could be some more zany episodes. Like Snagglepuss and Huckleberry Hound are caught in sodomy. Or Loopy de Loop gets wrongfully accused of a murder just because he's a wolf! Well, I just thought of making a TV show that uses original characters and Hanna-Barbera characters and though there not in a courthouse, they would have adventures. I just hope Adult Swim would approve of my show. I hope there's a Harvey Birdman movie.
  • HA, haa

    A hats off to Cartoon Network for taking the dregs of Hanna Barbera and doing something worthwhile with them.

    Standing on the shoulders of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show, and Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman is the high water mark in recycled animation. Birdman basically leaves the superhero game and pursues a life in the law. His clients, Hanna Barbera characters ranging from the much beloved Flintstones and Shaggy & Scooby Do, to some you may have forgtton about like Ernie Devlin or Inch High Private Eye. And let's not forget Harvey's nearly incompatent boss Phil Ken Sebin.

    Always funny. Check it out now.
  • this show keeps getting better. gary cole is perfect as harvey birdman, and stephen colbert is as funny as it gets as reducto, and phil ken sebben. this is on its way to classic status for sure.

    based on the 60s cartoon from alex toth, harvey is now retired from the super hero game, and has become an attorney to the other cartoon characters from the hanna barberra lineup. along side him are avenger(his pet hawk)and peanut, his metal winged slapstick sidekick.every episode is worth owning, and when this is on..........its by far the best thing on tv.i hear its in line for a third season, which is awesome. i cannot wait another day to see it...............i gotta have my harvey guys! gary cole is perfect as harvey, and again, i cannot express how great colbert is in this show. brilliant.
  • Still good but its losing steam.

    The last 4 episodes werent all that hot. The first 3 seasons were excellent, but Birdman is getting a little stale. Hopefully they will be able to recover the magic that made those season so good.

    Even the worst episodes are better than Moral Oral or Tom Goes to the Mayor or that godawful "Assy McGee" - I mean really, a talking set of ass-cheeks with legs? I cant even stand to watch it.

    Classic episodes like the Flinstones where Fred is not trial for Mafia activities or the Jetsons suing over Global Warming or Shaggy and Scooby Doo being busted for drug use were the best. The writers should go back to what made HB top notch.
  • Prepare to feel the power....of attorney!

    Ever wonder what would happen if characters from old 1960s cartoons got into legal trouble? No? Well there's no need, now that you can watch it all on Harvey Birdman attorney at law! Harvey Birdman (voiced by "Office Space's" boss from hell Gary Cole) is an attorney at Sebben, Sebben and Sebben, lead by megalomaniacal Phil Ken Sebben who punctuates sentence fragments with an exclamation of ha HA! (ha HA! The superstantial voice of Stephen Colbert!) His assistants are the eagle avenger and birdboy Peanut ( voice of Thomas Allen). Along the way they meet characters you'll remember like Fred Flinstone and the Scooby Gang and ones we're too young to, like Yakky Doodle the duck or Secret Squirrell. The legal battles may be serious (Shaggy and Scooby Doo are arrested for possession of marijuana, Fred Flinstone is accused of being a Mob boss), but the antics are hilarious.
  • Definitely one of best shows on televison.

    This show is great! It takes all the good shows from the 60s - 70s. The main plot of the show is about Harvey Birdman, ex superhero, trying to defend his clients, Hanna Barbara cartoons, against evil tyranny. All the clients Harvey Birdman tries to protect have their own problems. Apache Cheif could not get his "teepee" back. Atom Ant was persecuted for his home containing high levels of radiation. Even Inch High Private Eye, who was discriminated for being short. No cartoon is left untouched. All the characters in the show are unique. Birdman is a lousy ex hero who turned lousy lawyer. Phil Ken Sebben (Birdmans boss) is a philandering, eccentric man with depth perception. Reducto, Birdmans normal enemy in court, is a little green man with a severe OCD. I love this show so much. Its so witty. The only downside is that you have to have seen those shows back in the 60s and 70s to really understand whats going on. You can probably see them now on Boomerang.
  • Another cartoon based on one of Alex Toth's classic characters. But does it deliver as much as say Sealab 2021? Damn right it does!

    In the 1960s Birdman was a superhero, fast forward to the present, now he's a lawyer at a law firm run by a very bizarre wierdo with an eyepatch, his clients...OTHER classic cartoon characters! Everyone from Scooby and Shaggy to Fred Flinstone.
    Almost all of the secondary characters are also taken from such cartoons, everything about the show is off the wall, and that's one of the reason I love it so much. While hasn't had as many episode as several other Adult Swim shows, the ones it does have are comedy GOLD! While some of the jokes can be esoteric, and geared towards those who've watched ALOT of cartons through their life, you're average joe will probably like the show as well, this cartoon also features some great voice actors, like Maurice Lamarche, Stephen Colbert, and Gary Cole. I've seen every episode up to now, and I haven't seen a bad one in the bunch! Needless to say I want the DVDs

    Harvey Birdman is in the same vein as Space Ghost Coast to Coast. They are both part of the Hanna and Barbara family, what puts Harvey Birdman Attorney at law a little about Space Ghost is that he a attorney and there for not only includeing is silly gallery of villians and character but he also represents the other Hanna and Barbara characters also. For Instance theres a classic episode where he defends Shaggy and Scooby after they are pulled over by the police in the mystery wagon and the police smell a strange odor comeing from the vehicle!!! Shaggy is heard to say,"Now I finally get it Scooby Doobie Doobie Doo!! hhahahahahaa!" Refering to them haveing smoke some type of illegal substance. Well Birdman successfully defends them in a hilarous way with the help of the rest of Mystery Inc. The Defense Attorney's are hilarious too, they are Birdmans villians!
  • Re-take on some of the best classic cartoons

    Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. The Super hero which uses the suns ray to bring out his Super, Powerful Law knowing-fighting-courtrooming...um... well he picked the wrong job kinda. He takes on cases from the classic cartoon icons. Side-spittingly funny. A must see if you can! Became a fav of mine the first time I saw it.
  • A show about a wannabe Super Hero barely trying to defend characters.

    This show isn't too good. A show about a man, stupidly, dressed up in a bird suit and is, shockingly, handed the task of defending various characters from cartoons. This show rather than coming out and making the innapropriate joke, implys it. And that's all. It's not that funny. The only reason I stick around to watch this is because they have those characters from classic cartoons I love to see. And that's all. Other than that. I dislike this show. And the animation looks like those shows from all those years back. I mean, after all these years of cartoons, they could at least use the modern animation! Overall, this show is still going strong (I have no Idea why) and still manages to gain ratings. But that's just my point of view. XD.
  • Parody at its best! A zany, yet surprisingly intelligent, masterpiece.

    Who knew that fifteen minutes could be so entertaining. Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law lunges upon the unsuspecting universe of Hanna-Barbera and deliberately proceeds to turn it completely upside down. The result is the indecent, but utterly hilarious, exposure of characters that we all reverred as children -- whether it be Secret Squirrel being charged for flashing, or Boo-Boo Bear being outed as a violent radical. For the brief quarter-hour, one has the delight of watching Harvey Birdman, being aided as well as hindered by a wonderful supporting cast, blunder from case to case. Kudos to the writes of this show; they really know what they're doing.

    Two thumbs up!
  • Fantastically hilarious. Fast-paced. Put bluntly, it's amazing.

    It was a great day when the creators of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law decided to give us a show starring characters from classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, from the Super Friends to the Flintstones. The protagonist is a somewhat washed up superhero (Harvey Birdman), currently working as a defense attorney with his eagle: partner and companion, Avenger.

    'Hilarity ensues' as character after character is mutilated from their original cartoon purposes and is put into an absurdist, nonsensical universe of cartoon comedy. And yet, it doesn't serve it justice to give it the bland label of "comedy". This is comedic genius.

    You'll be hard-pressed to catch every joke in the show; at times it moves at a hectic pace that only accentuates the comedy. But soon you'll be humming the catchy opening tune and reciting your favorite catchlines, because Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is, I repeat, comedic genius.
  • Harvey Birdman, ex superhero, has to choose a new career and it happens to be a lawyer

    Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law has to be the best Adult Swim cartoon ever....ever.......... It is one of my top favorite shows. I love the incredibly stupid humor of the show. Jokes come at you left and right. I also like the plot of the show, how the hard times settled in on a ex-superhero and he has to find a career and the genius of the show is the characters of the old birdman cartoon are his co-workers and judges, etc. I really liked that part about the show. If you're looking for a good cartoon show with some great comedy, u should check this one out.
  • For those of you who love to watch parodies and shows that work with topical humor, Harvey Birdman is for you. Adult Swim's finest 15 cartoon show, you will find jokes at every point of each episode. They come quick, so don't turn away.

    Harvey Birdman used to be a cartoon superhero, charged by the super energy from the sun. Now he is an attorney ready to serve you. In the show, he helps classic cartoon characters such as the Jetsons, Wally Gator, Droopy, the Flintstones, and Yogi Bear.

    What makes the show great is the fast-paced comedy. You cannot go through a scene without a joke embedded in it. Whether they are talk about superpowers coming from within a man's pants or Phil ("one of the partners of the firm) wrestles an alligator while explaining the next case and follows it up with a bounty hunter ceremony, you will be laughing till it hurts.

    If you want to see the world of Hanna Barbera turned upside down, watch this show!
  • One of the best animated shows you'll ever see.

    Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law premired on [adult swim] (Cartoon Network) in 2001. The pilot of of the show start off a little rocky, but still had some funny adspects. Once the show began season one, it started with the episode "Very Personal Injury", a hit. Soon after the show sky rocketed.
    Harvey Birdman (the show) takes old Hannah Barbera cartoons (With the exception of Droopy) and gives them a problem or case they need Harvey's help. Harvey, Voiced by Gary Cole (from "Office Space"), himself is a horrible lawyer, he never knows what he's doing. He always has his trustly Legal Eagle by his side, Avenger and his teenage clerk, Peanut. His boss, Phil Ken Sebben, voice by Stephen Colbert, runs the firm, but does not seem to know what he's doing.

    The show is a great hit. Its featured such famous cartoon characters as Scooby Doo, Jabber-Jaw, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Apache Chief, and many more.

    New season should begin Fall of 2006. Be sure to catch it and buy Harvey Birdman Volume One, on sale now.

    OnAxis a.k.a. [Leaf from [as]MB]
  • Intelligent, stupid comady

    Many of my all time favourite TV shows haven't been the ones hyped to death, but the obscure ones that you "discover" for yourself. 'Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law' is a case in point. I don't know if it achieved any kind of audience in the US, but it suddenly appeared out of nowhere here in Australia and was shown at an odd time slot with little fanfare. A friend caught the Scooby Doo episode and when he described it to me, I knew this was a show I just HAD to see! So I managed to catch the "Unabooboo" episode, then the one where Jabbajaw and The Neptunes are accused of plagiarism, and last night I watched the Flintstones/Sopranos episode, which was pure genius! I am now hooked for life! For anybody who hasn't seen the show it features Birdman the 60s Hanna Barbera cartoon character reinvented as Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. Each episode he defends a cartoon client accused of some crime e.g. Shaggy and Scooby Doo for dope, Fred Flintstone for racketeering. Plus there are lots of strange in-jokes and surreal bits and pieces which make it one of the most demented things I've seen. My favourite characters are Reducto and Birdman's nutty eye-patch wearing boss. This is an utterly brilliant show and I can't wait to see more episodes!
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