Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)





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  • Feel the power.........OF ATTORNEY!

    Ok, how many of you know Harvey Birdman?
    That superhero guy with the wings? Erm......he use to have his tv show? The dude with the purple bird!
    There, it's coming back to you, isn't it?
    Let's say that we take this superhero and have him become a lawyer? Not just that, let's make him take cases on beloved cartoon characters. Like Scooby-Doo, Boo-boo, Droopy.
    That's what this show does. And, let me tell you, it does a fantastic job!
    Harvey dosen't sove these cases alone, oh no. He has help from Avenger(That purple bird I was telling you about), his assistant Peanut(Also has wings), and Bird-Girl(Really the daughter of Phil Sabben, the head honcho of Harvey's work place)
    He has some enemies too, like Reducto, a little green "alien" with a shrink ray.

    This show is laugh-out-loud funny! [adult swim]can make a lot of great shows! Better than Nick, or Disney can!

    You have to watch this show!