Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)





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  • I'll take the case!

    This has got to be one of the funniest parodies based on Hannah Barabara's cartoons ever made. The show is about Harvey Birdman, former hero who still defends justice by becoming a lawyer. Harvey takes on cases from the cast of the Flintstones to the cast of Scooby Doo. He also has friends who help him, but more hinder him and there are crazy prosecutors. The show has a great majority of the Hannah Barabara cartoon characters and do parodies of all of them based on their personalities. To say it's hilarious to see the characters like this is an understatement. They are all so crazy, from Mentok the Mindtaker to Phil and to X the Eliminator, this show makes every character unbelievably funny. The episodes are usually about Harvey taking a case and his friends try to help him, but end up making things worse for him, but what makes it so great is that no one is concerned with how the case goes. There are episodes that do not involve cases but time travel and romance instead, they are great as well. The humor in this show is mostly random, and it is always done well. There is never a joke in this show that will not make you laugh. I really thought this was one of the greatest shows ever to air on Adult Swim and I would like it to be back in reruns. Go see this show on DVD and feel the power...OF ATTORNEY!