Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • 6/8/03
    X, the Eliminator is sitting at home, having mostly forgotten that he was paid a million bucks to kill Birdman in 1968, when he sees Harvey in an ad for his law practice. X launches right back on his quest and, now posing as "X, the Exterminator", confronts Harvey. And is devastated to discover that Harvey just doesn't remember him.moreless
  • Deadomutt (2)
    Deadomutt (2)
    Episode 8
    Harvey is sentenced and sent to jail after killing off Blue Falcon's sidekick Dynomutt. Hilarity ensues as Harvey is sent to prison for the crime he committed.
  • Deadomutt (1)
    Deadomutt (1)
    Episode 7
    A hot new lawyer, the Blue Falcon, joins Harvey's law firm. Everyone's excited to have, for the first time, an ex-superhero on the firm. Harvey is not as thrilled and starts being neglected.
  • The Dabba Don
    Episode 6
    Fred "Freddy" Flinstone: simple construction worker, or the head of an organized crime family? Harvey's on the case, trying to prove Fred's innocence based on the theory of a simple bowling ball.
  • Shoyu Weenie
    Episode 5
    A Japanese pop band, known as "Shoyu Weenie", accuses the American rock band, "Jabberjaw & The Neptunes" , of stealing their song "Mochi Mochi" and calling it "Lovey Lovey." Harvey represents Shoyu Weenie, while Reducto is counsel for Jabberjaw & the Neptunes.
  • Death By Chocolate
    Episode 4
    The Jellystone Park bear Boo Boo is captured by federal agents, accused of being the "Unabooboo", a revolutionary sending booby trapped gift baskets & cookie bouquets to all the heads of corporate America. Harvey defends Boo Boo in court, while Myron Reducto is prosecution for the government.
  • Shaggy Busted
    Episode 3
    Shaggy & Scooby, while en route to solve another mystery, are pulled over by a State Trooper. Their natural gigglish and dopey behavior leads him to believe they are under the influence of illegal substances, and they are taken to jail. Harvey represents Shaggy & Scooby, while Spyro is the prosecutor.moreless
  • 9/23/01
    Apache Chief, the Native American member of the Superfriends, accidentally spills coffee on his groin. He sues the Javalux company, as the burn injuries to his crotch have diminished his superpower: the ability to grow to giant-size. Harvey represents Apache Chief, while Reducto is the attorney for the Javalux Corp.
  • 12/30/00
    Roger "Race" Bannon fights his longtime partner in adventure, Dr. Benton Quest, for custody of Benton's son Johnny Quest & Johnny's Hindu buddy Hadji. Harvey represents Dr. Quest, while Vulturo is Race's attorney.