Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law - Season 4

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Attorney General
    Attorney General
    Episode 8
  • Shazzan
    Episode 8
    After centuries trapped in Phil's vase, Shazzan pops out by the hand of Peanut. Or rather, Master Peanut, who proceeds to wish for everything that's, uh, big. Shazzan, because ostensibly it's a law show, forms a case against his imprisoner, Mufti the Mizwa of Muzzy Tah! All the while, Avenger - without warning - speaks, embracing a fresh vocabulary of insults and occasional slurs.moreless
  • 7/22/07
    Harvey is upset when he must redo all of his cases. He soon realizes he has a much bigger problem to deal with, and he'll need Peanut and Judy's help.
  • Juror In Court
    Episode 6
    Harvey suffers a mental breakdown in court, leading to the loss of a juror during his case where he defends Hair Bear. At the same time, he's summoned to serve as a juror. On the same trial. But problem solved when Duplicator creates a 2nd Harvey to perform his civic duty. Can two Harveys win over a jury, when it's relatively clear that just one Harvey who tries really, really hard barely makes any substantial impact whatsoever? Meanwhile, Potamus claims sexual harassment at the hands of Judy Ken Sebben. Emotionally scarred, he finds comfort in support groups and hot interns.moreless
  • Grodin
    Episode 5
    X attempts to take charge of his life and transform into his best evil self, hiring Perfectionist the Life Coach to help him to become more evil in just 4 easy steps. Meanwhile, Devlin blazes in on his hog, forcing Harvey to defend him (again). This time, a kid sues him for being injured from one of Devlin's toys.moreless
  • Birdnapped
    Episode 4
    Harvey decides to temporarily run the law firm, which leads to a full scale revolt, naturally. Armed with standard office supplies like staplers, manila envelopes and an occasional hand grenade, Sebben & Sebben employees form a massive uprising. Meanwhile, X, distraught over being ignored by Harvey, kidnaps Birdgirl to capture his attention - and his dinner plans.moreless
  • Babysitter
    Episode 3
    Peter Potamus takes over Sebben & Sebben in Phil's absence. Reducto babysits Peanut on his birthday. Birdgirl/Judy is searching for her father Phil. Birdman goes to his highschool reunion.
  • Incredible Hippo
    Episode 2
    Peter Potamus consumes radioactive pellets that transform him into "the creature," turning him green and tripling his waist size. Meanwhile, Atom Ant is charged with having high radiations levels in his home.
  • Shazzan
    Episode 1
  • Mufti Trouble
    Episode 1
    Peanut releases Shazzan, a genie from a vase in Phil's office. Shazzan wants to press charges against Mufti, the Mizwa of Muzzy Tah, who put him in the vase. Meanwhile, Avenger inexplicably starts talking.