Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Season 1 Episode 6

The Dabba Don

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jul 28, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Fred "Freddy" Flinstone: simple construction worker, or the head of an organized crime family? Harvey's on the case, trying to prove Fred's innocence based on the theory of a simple bowling ball.

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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Myron Reducto, Phil Ken Sebben, Various

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Harvey Birdman, Judge Hiram Mightor, Various

John Michael Higgins

John Michael Higgins

Judge Mentok the Mind-Taker, Various

Thomas Allen (II)

Thomas Allen (II)

Peanut, Various

Frank Welker

Frank Welker


Guest Star

Steve Landesberg

Steve Landesberg


Guest Star

Adam Lawson

Adam Lawson

Avenger / Gleep

Guest Star

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Fred Flintstone / Bird / Can Opener

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Harvey Birdman: Who are you?
      Fred Flintstone: I told ya I'm Fraun Fernstone, Botanist and....
      [Peanut hits Fred with a large mallet]
      Harvey Birdman: Who are you?
      Fred Flintstone: Bird Flintmock, rodeo rider....
      [Peanut hits Fred with a large mallet]
      Fred Flintstone: I'm Anne Heche.
      [Peanut hits Fred with twice a large mallet]
      Fred Flintstone: Wilma, Honey what's going on?

    • Can Opener: The guy's a pig; a neanderthal.
      Fred Flintsone: You're dead to me, can opener!

    • Spyro: Flintstones... Meet... the Flintstones. They're the mobish stoneage family. From the villa of Bedrock. They're a page right out of Godfather 3! When we try Fred Flintstone, he's gonna do some time. Oh yes! A lot of Jaaaaaaaaaail time.

    • Peanut: Who do you want me to wack? Just pick 'em and I'll wack 'em. How about the guy with the socks? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm still talking to you. (Pause) But if it was the guy with socks, that'd be good, right?

    • Phil: If you're not careful you'll get us all whacked. Ha, ha! Body in a wood chipper!

    • Spyro: Mrs. Flintstone, would you say you live La Dolce Vita? (Pause) The sweet life! For god's sakes!

    • Phil: Do you know what this means to the firm, the billable hours? I can finally build that lake house and I'll run around naked all day. HA HA! Dangly parts.

    • Wilma: Define a lot.
      Birdman: A lot. A great deal. More than once by a bunch.

    • Fred: Do I have a temper? Yes. Have I ever yelled at my wife or thrown a bowling ball at a guy? Yes. Does that make me a mob boss?
      Peanut: Si.

  • NOTES (6)

    • This episode was suppose to aired before "Shoyu Weenie" due to Judge Mightor being smashed by a rock which Judge Mentok taking over his place.

    • The episode name is a joke on Fred's famous catchphrase "Yabba Dabba Doo" and the nickname of mob boss John Gotti, the "Dapper Don".

    • This episode was the last to be made of the 2002 set, but was not considered the season finale due to the episode order that had to be filled. Like most shows on Adult Swim, more than two season's worth of episode would be combined into one single season do to the amount of episodes in each.

    • This episode did not have the regular opening sequence, but rather an opening sequence that parodied the opening of "The Sopranos."

    • The first episode to give the episode's name during it.

    • Originally titled "The Sopranostones."

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Anne Heche: Fred claims he is Anne Heche, a reference to the actress suspected of having many mental problems.

    • Jabberjaw: Harvey finds in his bed, the dismembered head of Jabberjaw, from the show of the same name.

    • David Bowie - Let's Dance: The music playing when Wilma calls the club is a parody of David Bowie's song "Let's Dance."

    • Ant Hill Mob: In the scene where Judge Mightor is gunned down, the assassins are the Ant Hill Mob from the 1969 cartoon, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop in their courageous car, Chugga-boom! One can see Clyde, Dum Dum, Zippy and Pockets shooting while Yak Yak and Softy are behind the wheel. Only Snoozy is missing.

    • The Sopranos: The opening credits is a direct parody/homage of the opening credits of the HBO series, The Sopranos.

      The strip club, The Dabba Doo, is a parody of the HBO show's featured strip club, The Bada Bing. The logos are very similar in styles.

    • The Herculoids: Harvey finds in his bed, the dismembered head of Gleep/Gloop, one of the jelly-like blob sidekick creatures from the 1967 cartoon, The Herculoids.

    • Captain Caveman: Sitting at the bar is Captain Caveman, known from, among other places, his 1977 cartoon, Captain Caveman & The Teen Angels.

    • Thundarr The Barbarian: The fellow trying to bribe the judge is the post-apocalyptic warrior, Thundarr The Barbarian, from the 1980 cartoon of the same name.

    • The Godfather: The horse head in the bed, the gunning down of the judge, the ode at the end as well as some other mafia references, come from Mario Puzo & Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 classic movie, The Godfather and it's sequels.

    • Quick Draw McGraw: The decapitated horse head Harvey finds in his bed is Quick Draw McGraw, of the 1959 cartoon of the same name.

    • The Flintstones: Fred Flintstone, and the rest of his modern stone age family and friends, are best known for their 1960 cartoon series, The Flintstones, as well as numerous spin-offs, sequels, and movies.

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