Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Season 2 Episode 3

The Devlin Made Me Do It

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Apr 25, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The Devlin footage used in the opening sequence was direct stock footage from the opening of the original 1974 Hanna-Barbera series of the same name.

    • In order to legally use the TV show rating system within an episode that was already rated, the animators had to change the font of the text used to present the TV ratings during Harvey Birdman's cross-examination. In comparison, the ratings shown within the episode have a font that is more rounded and a little smaller than the actual TV rating logos in the United States.

    • According to the "Standards & Legal" commentary on this episode, the T-shirt logos in the opening scene were slightly altered from the designs they were based on (Superman, Spider-man, and Garfield), due to the legal rights the show would have to acquire from the companies that owned the copyrights to the characters referenced before allowing the episode to air.

    • Also in the bar scene: Harvey, Peanut, and Reducto are sitting at the bar when Devlin drives in on his bike. But when Peanut extinguishes the fire on Devlin's bike, Reducto has disappeared.

  • Quotes

    • Devlin: Is it hot in here... or was I just engulfed in flames?

    • Devlin: Ever hear of "imitatable acts"?
      Harvey: Oh, great movie! Eszterhas. Peanut, have you ever seen any 'thingies' on Avenger. Swingy thingies?
      Mightor: Deedleleedlelee.

    • Devlin: If we can just keep Spuzmocker of the stand.
      Harvey: Who?
      Devlin: Spuzmocker, the tapir, the one who whacked Hitler. He's after me.
      Harvey: There's an animal, trying to kill you...

    • Phil: This man's forgotten more about pain than you'll ever remember, about pain, about forgetting about...

    • Superkid: Hey guys, look! I'm Superman and I can fly!
      Spiderkid: I'm Spiderman, and I can climb walls.
      Overweight Kid: I'm Garfield, and I hate Mondays. Meeeoooowww!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Help!...It's the Hair Bear Bunch:
      After Stan Freezoid presents the final DVD made by Devlin, a group of bystanders are shown in a state of awe. One of the characters is none other than Hair Bear, the lead character of the 1970's original Hanna-Barbera series, Help!...It's the Hair Bear Bunch!. The character is noted for his blonde hair and green neckerchief.

    • Devlin: Ever hear of "imitatable acts"?
      Harvey: Oh, great movie! Eszterhas.

      Joe Eszterhas is a Hollywood screenwriter who has created such films as "Showgirls" and "Jade". Harvey is more than likely thinking of Eszterhas' most famous (and controversial) film, "Basic Instinct".

    • The Devlin Made Me Do It:
      The title of the episode is a reference to Flip Wilson's famous catch phrase "The Devil made me do it!"

    • Dr. Freezoids: Dr. Freezoids has a weapon that can turn an entire city block into ice. He has a retreat in the North Pole. Birdman causes him to self-destruct his base of operations with his own weapons. Dr. Freezoids appeared in one episode of the original Birdman show.

    • Evil Knievel: Devlin is the same kind of stunt driver in a reference to the infamous Evil Knievel.

    • Devlin: The episode's focus is around the characters of the wacky (and short lived) 1974 series Devlin.