Hatenko Yugi

TV Kanagawa (ended 2008)


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Hatenko Yugi

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Other Genres: Action/Adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery, supernatural One day Rahzel finds herself thrown out of her father's home with the only words of parting being that she needs to see the world. Along her newly imposed upon journey, Rahzel meets a man named Alzeido who travels the world searching for the murderer of his father. Although they get on each other's nerves, Rahzel and Alzeido are attracted to one another not only because of the magic powers they both seem to have but also because of underlying chemistry. Opening Theme:
"Heartbreaking Romance" by Kanako Ito Ending Theme:
"Te no Naka no Eien" by Kaori Hikita
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  • A decent show that could easily have been excellent had it had more episodes and more back story.

    The plot is simple enough, a young girl called Rahzel is kicked out of her luxurious home and told to see the world by her father. As such she heads off on a journey but soon gets bored and decides she needs a traveling companion, enter Alzeid, a mercenary who is seeking revenge for his father's murder. Despite their contradictory personalities the two start traveling togetehr and are soon joined by another odd man called Baroqueheat, who was in the same military unit as Alzeid. Togeher the three of them travle the world and inevitably end up in dangerous situations.

    This is a great show with interesting characters, good plots, and a well crafted mythology/universe. My only complaint is how very short the show is. There is very little back story for the main characters (there is a manga series which is much more detailed) and the show never really goes anywhere. It is simply a series of isolated adventures. All in all this show had great potential to run for a long time and be a great show, but as it is it is just decent. Still give it a go if you ahve a few hours to spare (it is only 10 episodes afetrall).moreless