Haunted Collector

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Haunted Collector
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AIRED ON 6/5/2013

Season 3 : Episode 12

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John Zaffis and his family of famous paranormal investigators work to find the most haunted items such as paintings and dolls.

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  • John Zaffis

    John Zaffis

    Lead Investigator

    Aimee Zaffis

    Aimee Zaffis


    Beth Ezzo

    Beth Ezzo


    Brian Cano

    Brian Cano

    Tech Specialist

    Chris Zaffis

    Chris Zaffis


    Jason Gates

    Jason Gates


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    • Th Haunted collector or conman?

      I love programmes about the seemingly 'paranormal' (Ghost adventures and Ghost hunters being my favourites). To be honest, I am a believer after an encounter of my own. However, this show is shocking!! After viewing the first show, I was absolutely stunned that a group of 'so called' paranormal investigators have found a loop hole to legally steal people's valuable antiquities and heirlooms!!! If this group are legitimate then they should be looking at items like the 'Dibbuk box' or the infamous 'Annabelle' doll. Maybe they figured they can't auction off items with a demonic history?. I have given the show a highish rating because it astonishes me how they get away with conning gullible victims!!moreless
    • just helping the living, but also the lost souls that still attached to the physical...

      This are the best investigations of the paranormal I've ever seen. They are realy helping both worlds. My respects to them.
    • great show !

      playing ketchup from the beginning. seen one episode & we're hooked. keep it up. these people who complain are jealous they're not on tv..
    • Oh Please:

      I know that things can be kinda scary but I cant stand it when the two girls start screaming. I mean, they know that if they are gonna be in that kind of business that things will get crazy. It just seems so fake because of the way they act. And the guys are like that sometimes to. I don't know but this show just kinda gets on my nerves. Im trying to figure it out.moreless
    • Wanted to believe!

      I wanted to believe and the first season it seemed plausible. But then I couldn't deal with the fake. I mean they claim in one ep that due to this object that a headless horseman has been roaming these peoples property for a long time. Okay so if that's true and he takes this object away and to his alleged museum wouldn't this headless horseman now be roaming the area near his museum?

      The very last one I saw the woman's first words in regards to a ghost was a naked bloody man on her couch. Later they conclude that All the haunting was related to a three year old orphan that died during time of the American Indian war. In the end a small headstone for the child ended the haunting. Oh but WAIT what about the naked Ghost Man? What happened to him? It's like that was forgotten.

      Then the thing that got me was the daughter of the leader. Last season she HATED ghost and his museum would do research but that's it! This season she was there during the investigation.moreless

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