Haunted Collector

Season 1 Episode 1

Haunted Bayou/Library Ghost

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2011 on Syfy

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  • "Experts" & 'renowned' paranormal investigators at a haunted home in Lake Charles Louisiana discover possible evidence of a hidden murder weapon

    Fake as silicone, lies like a politician. What a load of BS! If they're gonna lie, they should at least make an effort to lie convincingly! According to them, some criminal mastermind committed murder with a handgun & stashed it under the house- no one'll look there! Buried in the crud in Lake Charles Louisiana for over half a century, this top-break revolver (Webley mkIII according to their 'expert') is glossy as a new one. No rust, no patina on the brass latch of the leather case (totally intact! wrong hinges), & supposedly the pistol was a '50's manufacture. NOT! Webley mkIII was manufactured in 1897 & issued as police weapons in asian colonies in the '50's. What a joke.
  • Needs work--could be a good unique show rather than a Ghost Hunters copycat

    I was looking forward to this new program, but I am a bit disappointed. Tell me about haunted objects and what to do with them, not just the average paranormal investigation, for which there are already too many shows. And when they found the cold spot in the Louisiana home, they talked about ruling out air conditioning...but yet in the shot of them looking at the thermal imaging camera as they detected the cold spot, you can clearly see an air-conditioning vent above their heads. Hello! Look up!

    I did a full review of last night's showing of Ghost Hunters and Haunted Collector at http://ghostdoctor.blogspot.com
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