Haunted Lives

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Haunted Lives

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"Reaching out from the world that lays beyond, they glide through the portals of our imagination. They shouldn't even exist, but they've been seen appearing in the wink of an eye, and vanishing in the pound of a heartbeat. Where they come from, what they want - only they know. They are beyond life, beyond death, and to some of us, beyond belief, but you are about to meet ordinary men and women who claimed to have witnessed them, walked with them and even embraced them. Ordinary people who tell true stories of Haunted Lives." - Opening narration, slightly altered for last episode. This short-lived series created recreations of real people who lived through real paranormal events and true ghost stories using actors and special effects and then introduced the real people who confirmed the things they experienced. It was first called "Haunted Lives" as a series of recurring specials, but then changed to "Real Ghosts" for the third and final episode.moreless
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  • Excellant series examining true ghost stories.

    It is almost without a doubt that the ghost segments on the series "Unsolved Mysteries" were among the most favorite segments on the show. "Haunted Lives" had nearly the same format, but it focused entirely on the true ghost stories of real people using actors in recreations combining actual testimony from the people and paranormal researchers involved. Horror creator Tobe Hooper directed the first episode and Leonard Nimoy narrated eerily reminescent of his work on "In Search Of," but he was replaced shortly by Stacy Keach. Stories included a haunted toy store, a female murder victim, a dead beat dad killed at a haunted school and others, all true and faithfully recreated. The third and final episode aired on the UPN and was renamed "Real Ghosts," but it was still the same format. Sadly, the series was never picked up regularly, but it inspired several similar shows on Discovery and the Travel Channel.moreless