Haunted Lives

CBS (ended 1998)





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  • Excellant series examining true ghost stories.

    It is almost without a doubt that the ghost segments on the series "Unsolved Mysteries" were among the most favorite segments on the show. "Haunted Lives" had nearly the same format, but it focused entirely on the true ghost stories of real people using actors in recreations combining actual testimony from the people and paranormal researchers involved. Horror creator Tobe Hooper directed the first episode and Leonard Nimoy narrated eerily reminescent of his work on "In Search Of," but he was replaced shortly by Stacy Keach. Stories included a haunted toy store, a female murder victim, a dead beat dad killed at a haunted school and others, all true and faithfully recreated. The third and final episode aired on the UPN and was renamed "Real Ghosts," but it was still the same format. Sadly, the series was never picked up regularly, but it inspired several similar shows on Discovery and the Travel Channel.