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  • Season 1
    • 004
      Episode 13
    • It's A Wonderful Afterlife
      Frank is shown how his life would have turned out if he didn't receive his unique gift and if Kevin hadn't been abducted.
    • Seeking Asylum
      Seeking Asylum
      Episode 11
      A woman comes to Frank to find her boyfriend who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Frank checks himself into the hospital using the premise that he is delusional and seeing ghosts. Frank's self-portrait of "inner demons" draws the attention of a woman being institutionalized against her will. She and Frank follow clues that Frank is getting from the apparent victim of the fire while trying to evade the tyrannical doctor in charge of treatment.moreless
    • Last Call
      Last Call
      Episode 10
      At Frank's surprise birthday party, he meets a beautiful brunette, but like Cinderella, she makes her excuses and leaves at midnight. Frank begins piecing together Julia's mystery, which makes Jess jealous. The Blackhawk bar suddenly picks up a crowd due to an annual technology convention and more of the pieces begin to fall in place as Julia finally comes clean about her past.moreless
    • Simon Redux
      Simon Redux
      Episode 9
      Frank learns more about his nemesis Simon, who was killed in the pilot episode. Frank's investigations lead him to an FBI-like organization and the revelation that Simon may not have been the pedophile he appeared to be. Simon apparently went rogue trying to take down a Russian-based white slave ring. Meanwhile, Jess is dating someone new and neither Frank nor Simon like it.moreless
    • Nexus
      Episode 8
      Frank is hired by his former police psychiatrist to find confidential therapy audiotapes that have been stolen, but provide evidence to heinous unresolved crimes. Meanwhile, Frank is insanely tortured by the return of his nemesis Simon and Frank attempts to deal with the infinite presence of the villainous ghost by learning more about Simon's life.moreless
    • A Three Hour Tour
      A mysterious woman runs Frank off the road miles from any town and he stumbles, injured, to a cabin where he meets a somewhat secretive family. The parents appear to be protecting their 10 year old daughter from something terrible that happened in the parents' bedroom. Frank must convince them that their daughter will be better off knowing the truth.moreless
    • Nocturne
      Episode 6
      Frank wakes up in a strange apartment with the half-dead body of a female police officer near-by and with no memory of how he got there. After she falls into a coma, Frank becomes the prime suspect in her attempted murder and Marcus and Jessica fight Internal Affairs in an attempt to keep him out of jail.moreless
    • Blind Witness
      Blind Witness
      Episode 5
      Frank experiences unexplainable temporary blindness during his quest to discover the truth behind the death of a blind homeless man and how it may relate to the disappearance of a wealthy woman. Once Frank realizes a ghost has taken his sight, he turns to Dante for help.
    • Abby
      Episode 4
      Whilst head of the New Orleans PD six years earlier, Marcus was on the case of a ritualistic murder that remained unsolved. Back in the present, Marcus asks for Frank's help in trying to solve a similarly linked murder, but the case is complicated by the disappearance of the victim's cousin, whom Marcus was having a relationship withmoreless
    • Fidelity
      Episode 3
      Frank investigates a series of drownings, and tries to understand the motive of the person behind the murders with the help of a wannabe private eye.
    • Grievous Angels
      Grievous Angels
      Episode 2
      Frank is hired to find a teenage girl, Paris Eastway, who disappeared in the underground club scene. Investigating, Frank butts heads with several people connected to the rock band Grievous Angels, whose two frontmen could have something to do with Paris' death.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Detective Frank Taylor discovers strange abilities to see the dead after killing a known pedophile and almost dying himself. Using his newly-found powers, Frank hunts down a missing boy kidnapped by the same dead pedophile who is now haunting him from beyond the grave, whilst dealing with his broken marriage, which fell apart soon after his son's death.moreless