Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2002 on UPN

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  • Matthew Fox plays Frank Taylor a private detective whose near death experiences gives him the power to see dead people.

    Largely a forgotten series until now. You'll recognize Matthew Fox from Lost but before this Matt had done work in other shows like "Party of Five". Here you can tell he is already an accomplished actor giving us the full range of emotions that his character needs.

    Frank is tailing a pedophile. He finds him and the boy he has hiding but he's knocked unconscious before he can apprehend him. The killer nonchalantly hangs Frank over the roof but Frank is able to fling the guy over to his death. Frank has a near death experience in the hospital. After this he gets the miraculous power to have visions which results in him being visited by the dead. In essence the power to see dead people.

    The pedophile Frank was chasing was hiding another boy but Frank wasn't able to find him because of what happened.

    Frank at first shrugs of his visions and thinks he's going crazy. He tells his ex-wife but she doesn't want to hear it because she and Frank's son died.

    However, Frank's power is a curse because the dead pedophile also spooks him and in certain cases despite being dead tries to kill him.

    It's a nice series which ran for about eleven episodes. Seven were aired in the US while the rest were aired in Australia. However, most of the unaired episodes can be seen online. Also like yesterday the Chiller Channel ran the episodes.

    This is a nice show while shows that deal with the power to see the dead aren't new it's pulled off with precision here. It's a nice series to get into especially if you are fan of Matt from Lost.
  • What a great new series for the UK

    I have just watched the pilot episode of 'Haunted' and it was really cool and most enjoyable. We have been showing Medium and Ghost Whisper for some time here in the UK and they are OK, but Haunted... lets just say I was glad I wasn't holding hot coffee while watching... The show had me jump in the air a few times. I look forward to the nest episodes.