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  • When I saw "Pilot Episode" I thought I'd give it a chance, it wasnt until I actually liked the show that I saw it aired in 2002

    My girlfriend and I watched this show and loved it. We thought we found a new show for wednesday. When we saw that it was the pilot episode we thought "Wow, Sci-fi really scored with this one". What we didnt see was that it originally aired in 2002. I decided to do some research, and out that NBC had pulled the plug on this show before it even had a chance to become a big hit. It's really too bad they ended it. I also believe that if this show aired five year later than it had it wouldve really taken off.
  • Strange

    What I want to know is why the Sci-Fi channel, is advertising the Series Premier of Haunted, as if it is a new show, when it was made in 2004. Weve seen numerous ads for it.

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  • Purely a victim of bad timing.

    While being a rather unoriginal story about visitations from beyond, Haunted still proved to be a well-produced series about a detective that dances on the edge of good and bad, and of life and death. When his son is abducted, the life of police detective Frank Taylor falls into a downward spiral, eventually leading to his divorce. After quitting the force to continue the pursuit of his lost son, the dark series begins with Frank as a PI, where one of his cases ends with him flatlined in the ER. Brought back from the brink of death, he not only returns with the ability to see the spirits of the deceased, but is haunted by the man who nearly killed him! Unwillingly, Frank's new calling becomes the pursuit of justice for those whose killer has alluded the law.

    Despite its compelling stories, solid production, and the talented lady-killer lead, Matthew Fox, the series unfortunately aired on the struggling young UPN network with a fall premier hot on the heels of the X-Files finale and the public wasn't willing to welcome another supernatural drama so soon. Overall, my only real gripe about the show is that half of the paranormal events would always take place in Frank's cramped old urban apartment. That could easily have been fixed though, if only the show had been given a chance.
  • A very good show. How come I never heard of it?

    I was flipping threw the channels last Monday, when this show was just getting ready to start that caught my eye. I also recognized the actor playing the lead character. So I sat and watched. It was the pilot episode of "Haunted". It was aired on HDNet at 8:00 p.m. I was very pleased after watching it. The story was great and very interesting. It was one of the few shows I watched that you only leave your seat during commercials. I thought, "Wow, that was a great show." But knowing what the guy that played the main character does now, I knew it had to be an older show. After the show I was pleased to find out that it was on Monday night again this past Monday. I watched. Another great episode. A great show. But after this episode they advertised Smallville as taking the time slot starting next Monday. I was bummed. I only get to see two episodes of this show. So I did some homework. Originally aired on UPN in 2002, only thirteen episodes made. What a shame. It was an excellent show. You think that the CW can ressurrect this show. I wish I would have known when it was originally on. I wouldn't have missed an episode. It sounds like a lot of people didn't know when it was on, or it would have done better in the ratings. Bad advertising, but then again it was UPN.
  • Not a good, not a bad choise...

    Haunted was one of the most intense television series ever produced. The script was well written and the cinematography complemented the dark, mysterious story lines. Matthew Fox brought intensity and multi-dimensionality to his character. Although already established from the series, Party of Five, this role convinced me that Matthew Fox was (and still is) one of the best young actors on the scene today. He is also proving his talent on the hit show Lost. Its too bad haunted didn't last longer - the sad thing is that there is a new show called the Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt that is a watered down, rip-off of Haunted. Haunted was the real deal and was much better done.
  • This show was a exciting and different! I want is back!

    Haunted was excellent the cast were surpurb abd the story lines were always new, exciting and different. The grafics were great, and a lot better that they are on shows such as Supernatural. Here in New Zealand we got it at the end of 2006, at 11.30pm which was a terrible timeslot. Which made me wonder, whatever timeslot it was put on in originally might not have helped it.

    I cant understand why this was cancelled.
  • Why did the show got off the air?

    I'm trying to figure out why this show have been canceled.Matthew Fox was not to bad, special effects were good,storyline quite basic but efficient...I really wonder why?It really was a good show with the recurring character(the first dead that Fox see moving Simon Dunn),it really was a good show.
    Of course some little things could have been improved but if the channel had let the first season go to its end maybe we could have seen a very very good show.
    Not enough audience and BAM no more Haunted,it really is a shame.Next I hope producers and channels won't be so foolish and blind.
  • The 2002 T.V. show Haunted portrays a detective , Matthew Fox who has the ability (gift) to communicate with the dead or supernatural. The show was designed to have suspense and a little horror ready to see whats to happen next. The show was cancelled.

    I honestly thought this show was very interesting and unique! It had jaw-dropping suspense! I still believe that! It was the missing link between the shows X-Files and Poltergeist: the Legacy! I can\'t understand why it was cancelled. I was just getting into it! Matthew Fox is much better in character in this show than the show, Lost. I did\'nt even like the show Lost as much as I liked the show, Haunted. They definitely need to return with this series, being that it was nearly the only show I was interested in at the time it was running. Why not complete this show and put it on a boxset or bring it back!
  • I still have a hope.

    In Turkey we watched all 11 episodes of Haunted. How could you cancel it? This show is the best and i think it was a very good opurtunity for UPN but they blowed it. You see Matthew Fox in Lost now. He is very succesful. If i had to choose Haunted or Lost, i would prefer Haunted. I hate UPN.
  • I miss it, it doesn't have the cutesy stuff of Ghost Whisperer - just spooky enough to keep me watching. I WANT IT BACK!!!

    OK, so I miss my Party of Five hotties and this show gave me a quick fix but besides that, it is actually a pretty good show! I've just discovered it and watched episodes 1 - 6 so now I'm hooked but there are only 5 more episodes IN EXISTENCE that I have not seen!
  • Intense and unpredictable.

    Haunted was one of those shows that never had a chance, but richly deserved one. It was brilliantly written and acted. It kept you on the edge of your seat until it was over (and then you were upset to have to wait a whole week to see it again). This show definately deserves a run on Brilliant but Cancelled. Like a lot of Fox shows, it wasn't given a chance to find an audience. The lead character was gritty,and full of angst(not to mention easy on the eyes). I am hoping that this show will turn up on DVD soon. I would happily purchase it. I'm still mad that it didn't get a fair shake!
  • A Nice spooky little twist on the detective show!

    A great little show in the "I see dead people" vein. Like most shows that don't catch on fast enough, it was left behind. Given half a chance it could have been a new favorite. But like all my "new favorites" I seem to be the only one watching as they are soon cancelled before you can even tell anyone to catch it...!
  • hauted is a bout a guy that see dead people and they help him solve cases. its a fantastic show with unpridictable things that happen that make you jump and look behind you. thats the only reason why i watch it keep up the good work.

    i think that haunted is the best show going at the moment, i love it cause i makes me want to watch it more and more every week. i love it as well even though it makes me leave the bathroom light on when i go to bed and to look around corners in my house lol. love the show keep it going, and matthew fox is hot
  • A truly amazing show, too easily forgotten even while airing. Watch it and think of what it has been.

    I se nobody has written a word on 'Haunted' yet, so I will do it. 'Haunted' was a very interesting show about the paranormal, and with a very good lead actor. The idea of Frank having this 'door' open on the beyond and Simon always there to obstacle him, psychologically while not physically, and yet remaining an enigma, was wonderful. Matthew Fox mastered the part of a man who loses everything... and manages to come out, if not on top, at least in a better shape, and then finds himself to be able to do something no one else can - talk with the dead. If only this had more support, maybe it would have had more success and recognizance. Good show gone too soon.
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