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  • Purely a victim of bad timing.

    While being a rather unoriginal story about visitations from beyond, Haunted still proved to be a well-produced series about a detective that dances on the edge of good and bad, and of life and death. When his son is abducted, the life of police detective Frank Taylor falls into a downward spiral, eventually leading to his divorce. After quitting the force to continue the pursuit of his lost son, the dark series begins with Frank as a PI, where one of his cases ends with him flatlined in the ER. Brought back from the brink of death, he not only returns with the ability to see the spirits of the deceased, but is haunted by the man who nearly killed him! Unwillingly, Frank's new calling becomes the pursuit of justice for those whose killer has alluded the law.

    Despite its compelling stories, solid production, and the talented lady-killer lead, Matthew Fox, the series unfortunately aired on the struggling young UPN network with a fall premier hot on the heels of the X-Files finale and the public wasn't willing to welcome another supernatural drama so soon. Overall, my only real gripe about the show is that half of the paranormal events would always take place in Frank's cramped old urban apartment. That could easily have been fixed though, if only the show had been given a chance.