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  • Haunting evidence is the best

    where can I watch Haunting evidence? I haven't seen this show in forever and I can't seem to find anyway to actually watch any of the episodes again. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND FULL EPISODES?
  • Haunting Evidence

    This was one of the BEST tv shows I have EVER seen!!! I wish this show would return!!! I believe that everyone in this show is 100% creditable & VERY accurate with their special abilities!!! With them working on COLD CASES, a lot more people & families would be able to get closure on what happened to these missing people!!!

    And hopefully be able to go on with their lives, it's the not knowing that holds the family & friends back.





  • Do like this show

    Like many others ,I to would love to see updates , would give more validity to the claims that you are in touch with the other side , if your advice to police ,has been of use ,and has led to convictions of these killers. For now it is an interesting entertaining show , but do feel it could be so much more.
  • Give us follow ups on the cases PLEASE!!

    I'm absolutely hooked with this show, however I would love to find out more about if the input of these very skilled psychics has unraveled any of the very mysterious cases they have researched. It is amazing how the cases that seem unexplainable take shape and form before your eyes and the possibilities open up and things seem to make sense. I would love to see a more developed after show information. A followup on the cases would be wonderful to watch, see if any of the cases have been resolved thanks to the work of this researchers.
    Along with Most Haunted, one of my favorites, reality shows that are really cutting edge!!.
    For now this show is already a steady in my tivo to-do list.
    Awesome work guys!!
  • I love the show and want to know what is coming up in the future shows. Have you thought of doing historical mystery cases. I wish I knew how to hone your awesome skills for myself. I never knew my dad and I have been told he is dead.

    I love the show and the people. I would love to hear the results turned over to police. I would like to see new shows too. I have watched every episode I believe and was sold on it the moment I seen my first episode. Has any case been solved since you aired your show? the zodiac killer was very interesting and eerie. Do you ever have ghost follow you home after an investigation or do you get negative repercusions when you get to close to the truth on a personal level. have you ever thought of investigating historical cases like who shot jfk or abraham lincoln?
  • Great Show!!

    Ilove this show, all three of you are inspiring and its nice to see people trying to help people. The show is amazing please keep it on and make it more available to its fans!!! **Its nice that they dont only pick famous victims but ones that are not so famous, they need help too. Personally i believe very strongly, that with psychic work these cases will once and for all be solved and these sob's will pay for murdering these innocent people. I would love to purchase the first 2 seasons, that is something that should be made available for fans!! Carla, John and Patrick I Love you all!!
  • "Haunting Evidence" is one of my favorite shows and scores an A++.

    The "Haunting Evidence" show is absolutely fascinating and I have really missed seeing it. I did not believe in psychics or the paranormal until I viewed this series. John J. Oliver is amazing and adorable. He brings a sensitive touch to the investigations.
    Patrick takes a no-nonsense approach to the documenting and filming of the evidence.
    Carla's caring, sensitive work has impressed me very much.
    She is phenomenal with her ability to sense the actual experiences of the victim/subject.

    It would be great if the new shows could air any updates related to previous cases.

    I am a real believer now.
    Please bring the show back soon!

    I love watching this show.It is really mind blowing at times.The only thing I wish they would do is updates on the shows to tell if any of the cases were solved or at least helped by the team.But really awesome show!!!I know there is times I get freaked out on how they hit home on how and where the victims were killed...(really freaky)!!!I've always been interested in how people have the ability to see things psychically...and this show seems to be the real deal.It's nothing like some of the other shows where frankly you know there putting on...2 thumbs up!!!